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Your business success is dependent on your customer success. Our customer success management software is your key to understanding customer health. Use it to build meaningful customer relationships, monitor your customer lifecycle, and reduce your churn rate. 

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customer success management software

Get a true customer health score

customer success management software
Ensure your agents make meaningful impacts:
  • Get proactive alerts about possible churn, upcoming contract renewals, or customer expansion opportunities
  • Create and track customer journey milestones
  • Monitor customer health and adjust customer engagement strategy to maximize impact of success activities
customer success software

Manage the customer lifecycle

customer success software
  • Aggregate multiple data sources into a 360° Customer Health Profile that includes status, customer satisfaction, and product usage
  • Lead customers through critical lifecycle stages and plan activities around business outcomes
  • Create predictable and repeatable processes with playbooks and automations
customer success management

Monitor customer success team performance

customer success management
  • Streamlined reporting dashboards and communications that allows Customer Success Managers to stay on top of their entire portfolio 
  • Management-level visibility into Customer Success Team productivity to drive continuous improvement   

Integrated to Help You Serve Customers More Effectively

When used in conjunction with our other solutions such as our Insights platform, the Success app helps your company reduce churn and improve your customer retention. Our customer success management software integrates with the Insights analytics and metrics platform to provide you and your team with all the information you need to make the most informed decisions possible. For example, Insights’ customizable dashboards make it possible to see macro-level KPIs from our CSM platform and drill down into them as warranted. With all the relevant metrics from our customer success management tools gathered in the same place, it becomes much easier for you to make the right decisions for each customer and ultimately enhance your overall satisfaction rate.

Insights also gives you the power to generate straightforward reporting that is accessible on any device. Providing your team with all the actionable details from our customer success management solutions at their fingertips is a surefire way to boost its ability to solve problems for your customers. Overall, the combination of our customer success services and the powerful technology that back them up provides you with everything you need to make a difference for the companies you serve. If you’re ready to learn more about how our customer success management platform works together to boost your retention, reach out and speak with one of our representatives today.


TeamSuccess is a proud partner with the Customer Success Association. The goal of the CSA is to provide you with access to the most relevant information about the continuing development of the profession, and to help connect you with more than 40,000 active members of the global Customer Success community.

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