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How well does TeamSupport accommodate changes? Can it scale with me as my company grows?

TeamSupport is completely scalable and customizable help desk software. You can adjust the number of users as needed, with no hassle — it's as easy as contacting us or submitting a ticket.

What's included in the pricing? Are there hidden costs for the initial onboarding, setup, SSO functionality, training, etc.?

There are NO hidden fees with TeamSupport. Your subscription covers all the features listed on our help desk software pricing page, full support, and all of our various customization options.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to provide better customer support, so we make our pricing as transparent as possible. Other professional services are also available upon request.

How long does it typically take to get TeamSupport set up for my team?

The average time to get fully up and running with TeamSupport help desk software is 2 weeks or less. We recommend you start with the basic setup, which has everything you need to start organizing your tickets and gaining better visibility into your customers.

As you use the system more, you'll have a better idea of what customization you need. Then you can tailor the system to your heart's content!

What’s involved in getting TeamSupport embedded in my organization?

Getting started with TeamSupport is easy! Every new account is set up for you with settings already configured so you can hit the ground running. Our helpful getting started tips will help guide you through the process, and of course our awesome team will help you get started and be there to provide support as you need it.

When you're ready, you can adjust the standard settings, customize your account, and set up automations that fit your workflow.

How much can be customized? How does this affect the cost and the experience?

You can tailor our customer service software to meet your unique help desk needs. TeamSupport offers an array of customization options, from ticket types and properties to custom fields and automated workflows. 

You can also customize the customer experience by branding your customer portal, embedding it in your website, and adjusting what your customers see. And don't forget about our various help desk integrations, so you can link ticket and customer information to your other business systems. 

The best part is, all this customization is included in your subscription at no extra cost. Being able to customize your help desk software improves the experience for both your users and your customers!

Has a company of my type/size used TeamSupport? What were the results?

TeamSupport customer support software is built for large and small enterprises alike. It's super easy to use but also offers a ton of advanced help desk features, so it can scale with you as you grow. Our customers range from companies with less than 20 employees to companies with thousands, and all of them love TeamSupport! 

For more detailed information, visit our Customers page for real user reviews, testimonials, and case studies.

The TeamSupport interface is easy to understand even at first glance!

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