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Find out how POMS Corp. used TeamSupport to achieve and sustain a 96% customer satisfaction rating

Customer Support Software Case Studies

Jackrabbit Technologies


Adding live chat software to support efforts for increased customer satisfaction

Media Advertising

How a media advertising firm used customer support software to create unified customer experiences across teams. 



Increasing collaboration and customer satisfaction. 

Potomac Pediatrics

Reaching more patients with HIPAA-compliant chat software

Alien Vault

Gaining more leads through robust live chat software. 

A.C.T. Lighting

Improved efficiency through better collaboration and integration with CRM



Measure the impact of support operations with a 360 view  


Full visibility from any support agent into the customer       

Harris GovernCustomer_Video_icon-01

Automated workflows and increased efficiencies


Empowering customers to solve issues on their own


Seamless communication with robust customer service to high value clientele


Improved internal collaboration and provided more efficient customer support

QC Software

Access to information from anywhere at any time

Heartland ECSI

Improved ticket visibility and saved time equivalent to one full-time employee



Shorter response times, faster resolution, and improved self-service

Multi-Systems, Inc. 

Faster ticket resolution and better visibility for customers and agents


Reduced duplication, improved ticket management, and reduced staff time by 20%


Revamped customer experience with switch to a B2B-focused support solution

Transportation Tech

Increased customer visibility and better communications help save time and money


Assured Software

Ease of use and flexibility helped save time and money for both the company and their customers

Financial Services

50% reduction in customer service training time and improved customer experience  



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