Why Africgold, Is It Legit Or Scam 


We recently found out about AfricGold (https://africgoldm.com/), which claims to be a mining platform, but our team didn’t believe it. They say on their websites that “AfricGold is a Gold-backed digital mining application that is designed to be a highly secure platform for the future of mining.” When you start mining, you should try to reach the highest level of hashrate possible. 

This article explains about Africgold.

Watch the below video on Africgold:

They have a four-step process for how to use and make money from their platform: 

Start mining: 

1. Buy a membership pin 

2. Make an account 

3. Start mining 

When you’ve mined for a long time, you’ll 

The way that AfricGold works 

In simple terms, AfricGold is a way to mine cryptocurrency. It doesn’t matter who you bring to the AFGOLD MINER. You get paid as you mine every minute, and there is no need to bring anyone before you get paid. Furthermore, the company says that it can do an efficient job of mining cryptocurrency. From building a very efficient data center to making sure our users have a good mining system, we’ve done a lot. 

For people who don’t understand what cryptocurrency mining is all about, this is a good place to start. 

To get cryptocurrencies, you solve cryptographic equations with high-power computers. Crypto mining is the process of doing this. Adding transaction records to a public record called a “blockchain” is part of the process of solving. 

We will look at two questions and answers from their FAQ section to see if there are any interesting things there. 

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Yes, it will. There would always be enough money to mine and earn. Before how much profit the platform makes each day, how many units of gold are given out each day. However, it’s a platform that doesn’t have a lot of power. You can mine, earn, and take what you want. 

When we look at these claims, we start with the question of which cryptocurrency is being mined? From what the website says, it looks like AFGold is a virtual currency that can be used in games and other things. They say on their website that “AFRICGOLD is a dual-purpose platform made up of subsidiaries that allow you to use the AFGOLD Virtual mining technique, which is used to evaluate mining revenue, and also to convert AFGOLD units to real money and cash out as at when due.” 

In other words, if you mine AFGOLD units, AfricGold has its own blockchain. That’s why there is no mention of this or evidence of this on its website, or if the mining is done by proof of work or proof of stake, or how it is done. This is something we noticed when we looked at the website: The write-up there is very vague. 

After you sign up, what will you do to earn? And the answer to this is “AFRICGOLD is a two-way platform. You can either mine for gold and make money, or you can make money through affiliate marketing.” 

In this case, let’s say that AFGOLD has its own blockchain where it is being mined. Then, how does someone make money after they mine AFGOLD? What makes bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies profitable is how much they are worth right now. In order to make money, you have to sell a cryptocurrency and then subtract mining costs from the price. AFOLD isn’t worth very much. It isn’t even on any exchange. They call this “affiliate marketing,” which means that the only way anyone can make money here is by getting people to refer people to them. This is a pyramid scheme disguised as a crypto mining service. We’ll show you more evidence for this idea below. 

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You can tell when you visit the website of AfricGold because a notification shows up in the lower left corner that someone has referred or begun mining on the site. 

A look at the source code for AfricGold’s website revealed that this notification is not a live notification, but was already there when the site was built. When you go to the website, a JavaScript code changes the output at random to make you think it’s a live notification and that people are actually using the website. To make you think it’s real. There is a screenshot of the code and a small piece of it that was on the site. 

When you look at the code snippet, you can see that variable 1 has the name Hayashi, variable 2 has the place “Eket,” and variable 3 has the word “referred.” All three of these variables are shown in the picture of the pop-up notification above. This shows that the pop-up notification is just a way to fool people. 

When they looked even closer, they found two other websites with the same source code that were linked to each other. When BittALAT first came out, it was an exact copy of AfricGold. See screenshots of BittALAT and AfricGold’s about pages to see how they compare. 

Africgold: Conclusion 

We recommend that you stay away from AfricGold, BittALAT, and Ravetok because they are all the same company, which is a scam disguised as a cryptocurrency mining opportunity.

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