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In Nigeria, there is an app called Easemoni that gives you money right away. People keep borrowing money from us for the last six months. Borrow money online at any time and from anywhere with no collateral. 

One of the best loan companies in Nigeria is Easemoni. In this article, I’ll tell you all about Easemoni and give you a direct link to download it, so you can start getting money. 

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About Easemoni Loan

Easemoni is a loan service provider that makes it easier for you to apply for a loan and lets you apply for a loan at any time and from any place you might be. In order to get a loan from the app, there is no need for the users to show up in person at any of their offices.

Easemoni allows its users to apply for a loan of up to N1,000,000 (one million naira), no matter how long they have been on the app. Even if you are a new member or have been on the app for a long time, you can still apply for a loan. Though, your trust level might rise as you use the app more. 

The interest rate on Easemoni Loans 

This section of the easemoni loan app download will show you how the easemoni interest rate works. All loan applications in Nigeria have their own interest rate. The interest you pay on your loans is important: 

Interest rate: 5 percent to 10 percent per month, APR60 percent to 120 percent, depending on your credit score. 

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If you take out a 91-day loan, for example, the interest rate is 5% a month. People who get loans for $3,000 will pay $273 in interest. The total amount they’ll have to pay is $3,000, so they’ll have to pay $3,000, too. It would be 1091, 1091, and 1091 for the first, second, and third months. 

Another hidden fee. 

The Easemoni Loan Rules 

Here, I will tell you about the things that must be done before you can apply for a loan on the app and get it approved. 

1. You must be a Nigerian and live in Nigeria to be able to do this. 

2.In order to get a loan on this app, you must be at least 20 years old. 

3. You must show that you have a valid source of income. This will let them review your loan application and figure out how much you can get. 

4. You must give us correct information when you sign up. 

When and how to apply for an Easemoni loan and get it approved 

On easemoni, it’s very easy and quick to apply for a loan; there are only a few steps and very few clicks. If you meet the requirements above, you have very good chances of getting a loan quickly. 

To get a loan on the easemoni app, download the app from the easemoni loan app download section. Below, sign up for an account. Add your name and other basic information, then click “submit” to finish the process. 

After you submit, you might get a call from someone who wants to check up on you. Finally, the results of your application will be shown in the app. If you are approved, you will get an SMS to let you know. e-sign the loan agreement after the loan has been approved, then send it to the lender. Afterwards, the money will be sent to your account and you’ll get a text message about it. 

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Loan registration with Easemoni. 

Previously, I told you how to apply for a loan on the app. In this section, I’m going to show you how to register on the app and apply for a loan without any stress. 

On the app, you need to download and install the app on your phone. When you open the app, some permission will be asked of you. Grant all the permissions and sign up with your phone number, your correct date of birth, and other information. 

In order to get a loan, make sure that all of the information you filled out during this Registration process is correct. This is one of the main things that determines whether or not you get a loan. 

Easemoni: Conclusion 

Easemoni has made it easier for customers to apply for loans and get them approved. With this app download, you should know how the app works, how to use it, and how to always get a loan, so you should be able to apply for loans without having any collateral.

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