What Exactly Is Aceelitecard 

What Exactly Is Aceelitecard

The Aceelitecard allows you to earn interest on savings, get funds faster via direct deposit, and load large amounts onto your card. However, there is no easy method to manually reload money for free, and the large list of fees can add up – though you can reduce the monthly membership fees by depositing at least $500 per month. This article explains What Exactly Is Aceelitecard.

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However, the Aceelitecard comes with a long list of fees that are common among prepaid debit cards and difficult to avoid. 

Transport costs vary by location. 

The Aceelitecard allows you to load funds automatically or online. Loading this card via direct deposits, online transfers from another ACE Elite card, and certain mobile checks allows you to load up to $15,000 each month. The best part is that you pay nothing to reload. 

Reloading at other merchants in the NetSpend network, which maintains ACE Elite cards, may cost up to $3.95. This card isn’t ideal for frequent cash loading. 

Cash withdrawals are limited to $940 per day at ATMs and $5,000 per day at bank counters, plus a $2.50 transaction fee. Direct deposit cardholders can withdraw up to $100 each day for free at over 950 ACE Cash Express locations. 

Before getting a card, utilize ACE’s location finder to determine which locations are closest to you. If you can’t utilize one of the no-fee venues, you’re better off with another card. 

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Benefits of direct deposit 

Enrolling in direct deposit has many advantages. It’s free to use and can help reduce the monthly membership charge from $9.95 to $5 when you receive at least $500 via direct deposit. 

Direct deposit can also help you collect your paycheck or government benefits up to two days early. Your company must join in the program, however this feature can help if you have bills due and are between paychecks. 

Examining this card’s fees 

Getting an Aceelitecard online is free, however there are many fees afterward. 

This card has over 25 fees, including a $9.95 monthly fee that is lowered to $5 if you link direct deposit. You can choose a Pay-As-You-Go plan with no monthly price, but you will be charged per transaction. 

Here are some notable fees. But you should read the cardholder agreement to learn about all possible fees, how they function, and when they apply to you. 

ATM fees 

* $2.50 each domestic ATM withdrawal, plus any additional ATM fees 

* $1 ATM decline fee 

* $4.95 international ATM fee + 3.5 percent foreign transaction surcharge + other ATM fees 

For more information, visit www.balanceinquiryfee.com. 

* $3.95 per card, plus up to $25 delivery fee 

Inactivity fee 

* $5.95 per month if monies remain in account for 90 days. 

$9.95 monthly charge if you direct deposit at least $500 onto the card each month. 

*Pay-As-You-Go Plan: $1 per transaction when signing and $2 per transaction when using a PIN Plans for each month: Signature and PIN purchases are free. 

There is no fee when using direct deposit, online transfers from other ACE Elite cardholders, or mobile deposits. 

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Aceelitecard Features 

Savings interest 

If you don’t have a standard savings account, you may open one with ACE and earn 5% APY on balances up to $1,000. 

If you keep $1,000 in the account for a year, you’ll get $50 in interest. But everything beyond $1,000 earns only 0.50 percent. 

If you wish to use this function and have more than $1,000 to save, consider saving the first $1,000 with the ACE Elite card and the balance in a higher-yielding savings account. 

Potential cash-back 

The ACE Elite Visa® Prepaid Debit Card is part of the NetSpend payment network, which gives cash back benefits on specific purchases. But not everyone gets the same deals, and you have to activate them to get incentives for your purchases. 

Keep in mind that these cash rewards may not offset the fees you spend on those same purchases (or the money you need to reload your account). Payback Rewards is a fantastic tool if you want to earn rewards on purchases you already know you need to make. But they are probably not worth it if you find yourself spending money only to gain rewards. 

Uses of this card 

The ACE EliteTM Visa® Prepaid Debit Card may be suitable for those who can avoid the higher monthly cost by receiving direct deposits of at least $500 per month and use some of the less expensive methods for loading and withdrawing funds. 

If you plan to refill the card at a NetSpend merchant, be sure you can easily access one of the locations that don’t charge loading or withdrawal fees. 

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 What Exactly Is Aceelitecard: Conclusion 

However, while ACE does not need a credit check, you will need to provide personal information while applying. The card issuer may also ask to see your driver’s license.

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