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Vio Bank

This article explains all you need to know about Vio Bank.

Vio Bank Pros 

* Competitive interest rates: Vio’s savings account earns 0.50 percent APY regardless of balance. No monthly account fees or minimum balance requirements: No monthly account fees or minimum balance requirements. 

* Opening a new account requires only a little deposit—$100 for savings accounts and $500 for CDs (CDs). 

Vio Bank Cons 

* No debit card or check-writing: You won’t be able to use an ATM or write cheques. * CDs automatically renew: Whether you want them to or not, CDs will automatically renew. If you don’t want auto-renewal, contact Vio’s customer care within ten days of the maturity date. Savings, CDs, and money market accounts only: Unlike larger banks, Vio does not issue credit cards or personal loans. Offers high-yield savings, CDs, and money markets. 

For Whom Is Vio Bank Direct? 

Vio Bank is perfect for people who desire a simple way to save money. You should explore elsewhere for a bank that offers a wide selection of deposit accounts and financial products and services. Vio Bank is perfect for those who: * Want a basic online bank to save money * Want to avoid monthly maintenance fees * Don’t need a debit card or checking account 


Vio Bank allows online fund transfers across accounts. You can even deposit a check from another bank if you prefer. Vio, like other online-only banks, provides the following deposit accounts: 

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* Savings * CDs * Money Market 

High Yield Savings 

Vio Bank’s high return savings account has a lot to offer. For starters, there is no monthly fee and opening an account costs only $100. The APY on all balances is 0.50 percent. 

The account does not include a debit card. While most debit cards are tied to a checking account, some institutions now provide savings account debit cards. 

And, like most savings accounts, you’re limited to six withdrawals every month. If you withdraw more than the limit, you’ll be charged $10. Online statements are free, but a hardcopy statement costs $5 per month. 

Savings Account 

The Vio Bank money market account offers 0.56 percent on all holdings and can be opened with as low as $100. Like many other money market accounts, Vio does not provide a debit card or check-writing privileges. No monthly fee if you get electronic statements. There is a $5 fee for hardcopy statements. Vio charges $10 each transaction over six per cycle. Your funds are protected by the FDIC. 

Bank Customer Support 

MidFirst Bank, Vio’s parent, ranked fourth in the Southwest in the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Retail Banking Satisfaction Study. 

1 Customer service is available 24/7 at 888-999-9170. Sunday: 12p-4p (CST) Monday-Friday: 7a-9p, Saturday: 8a-6p, Sunday: 12p-4p (CST) (CST) 

24-hour automated information from Vio Bank. 

How to Use Vio Bank 

Fill out an online account application to get started. You’ll need to submit your mailing address, SSN, and driver’s license. 

Vio Bank: Conclusion

Vio Bank may be a good option for saving money. Its high-yield savings account offers excellent interest rates, and there are no monthly fees. If you want a bank with physical branches, a full range of banking services, and a wide range of financial products and deposit accounts, Vio Bank is probably not the best option.

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