UBA Prepaid Visa Card (Africard)

This article is about the UBA prepaid Visa card (Africard) and its functions. The session promises to be enlightening as well as interesting. Do stay tuned!

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The UBA Prepaid Visa Card, also known as Africard is an advanced funded card that is also re-loadable. This card is accepted worldwide at all Visa cards approved points, such as web, POS and ATMs in over 180 countries of the world.

Using the UBA Prepaid Visa Card, funds can be loaded for use in restaurants, malls and other payments, just as it is done with a debit card. Also, the Africard allows you to load specific amounts at intervals; this implies that if you don’t load money on it, you can’t spend with it.

In addition, the UBA Prepaid Visa Card allows you to purchase an item or pay your bills wherever you are, at any point in time. You can take care of your everyday expenses and make online transactions with the AfriCard.

Since the UBA Prepaid Visa Card is accepted in a wide range of countries, it provides you the luxury of travelling anywhere you desire without the hassles of worrying about how to pay your bills as you can shop online as much as you want, since the UBA prepaid card is acceptable on several payment channels, as long as it is fully loaded with funds.

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Access to using your UBA Africard would be denied you unless you activate it. If the Africard is not activated, you can’t shop online or even make withdrawals.


Step 1

To activate the Africard, simply visit the UBA Africard portal. The portal is a card supervision website created by UBA for Africard holders to oversee their cards. There, all UBA Africard holders are be able to:

  • Actuate their Africards
  • Check available balance on their UBA Africards
  • Supervise their online payment operations
  • Send money from their UBA Africard to other UBA Africard holders
  • Change the Email attached to their UBA Africard
  • Change the phone number attached to their UBA Africard

Step 2

On getting to the UBA Africard portal, you would have to log in to the website. If you are logging in for the first time, you would have to log in using your 16-digit Africard Number and the 4 digit online Passcode inscribed on your UBA Africard envelope.

After a successful log in, you would be prompted by the card supervision system to set your Username and change your Africard online /web passcode. After this is done, you would be able to access the site with your new Username and password.

After this, the next step would be to start activating your card. To do this, you simply click on verify by visa, a link that would appear on your screen.

After this, input your 16 digit UBA Africard number and click on the activate button.

After clicking on the activate button, the next step is to enter your new UBA Africard username and passcode to verify freehold of the card.

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If the inputed username and password are correct, your UBA Africard is automatically activated for only online shopping, as it still cannot be used for ATM withdrawals.

A way to activate it for this purpose is by altering the standard ATM pin code of your UBA Africard, otherwise, it would be impossible to make withdrawals from your UBA Africard through an ATM machine.

Below are the itemized steps on altering the standard ATM pin code of your UBA Prepaid Visa Card (Africard):

1. Log in to the UBA Africard website with your username and passcode.

2. After the log in, click on the change pin link.

3. Enter the standard ATM pin and your new pin and then click on the change pin button. This automatically activates your UBA Africard.

In withdrawing cash from your UBA Africard through an ATM, remember to use your new ATM pin code and not the standard pin.

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