UBA Africard PayPal

The UBA visa prepaid card also known as Africard is a debit card variant denominated in the naira. The Africard is pre-funded and reloadable. More importantly, the card is accepted in all visa acceptance points either ATM, Web or POS. You don’t  need to have an account with the UBA bank before you can use Africard.

The card is also known as the Prepaid Card that   comes as a visa card, it is not connected to your primary bank account.

Africard will handle and transact your funds independently without having any connection to your primary bank account. 

Africard can be used for various services such as making online payments,  shopping and internet payments.

All you need to do is go to the customer section and request for a UBA Africard, you will be give a form to fill, After filling the form submit back and your card will be ready after an hour. Then You are required to fund your  Africard with a minimum of N2000 with a 10 digit code that is clearly seen at the back of the card.

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