Top 10 Veterans Affairs (VA) Lenders 

Top 10 Veterans Affairs (VA) Lenders

Veterans Affairs mortgage lenders’ goods and services differ, as do their financial requirements for clients, so it’s crucial to shop around. 

To help you out, NerdWallet selected the Top 10 Veterans Affairs (VA) Lenders.

Top 10 Veterans Affairs (VA) Lenders

Veterans United 


* 24/7 customer service 

* Borrow money for energy-efficient upgrades 

* Free credit counseling 

6,000+ real estate agents 

* High fees and tariffs

 * Service in 18 states 

Veterans United offers all VA loan products excluding home equity loans and HELOCs. With VA energy efficient mortgages, veterans can borrow money to pay for renovations like solar heating, cooling, and storm or thermal windows. 



* Fully online application process 

* Loan approval for DTI levels up to 60% 

* Instant job and income verification 

* Fixed-rate loans 


* Higher fees and charges 

* No branch offices 

For more information, visit Quicken Loans by Rocket Mortgage. To apply for a mortgage, you can either call or fill out an online loan application. The loan officer you choose will be with you throughout the entire procedure. Quicken’s website also displays common loan rates. 



* No underwriting or documentation costs 

* USAA Home Learning Center 

* High customer satisfaction ratings 


* Must be a service member or spouse 

* No cash-out refinances 

Except for the VA-mandated 1% origination fee on home loans, USAA has no costs. 

For its simplified mortgage refinance loans (IRRRL), USAA also pays for the appraisal, title, and VA funding fee, so customers have no additional costs. VA jumbo loans up to $3 million are available. 

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Navy Federal 


* Get $9,000 cash back when you work with a Navy Federal RealtyPlus Network agent 

* Lock in your rate with Freedom Lock 

* Real Match Guarantee 


* Current and former military personnel, their wives, and select federal employees, contractors, and retirees are eligible for membership. 

Choice Mortgage 

The Homeowners Choice Mortgage and the Military Choice Mortgage are created for military members or military families that don’t qualify for a VA loan or are first-time homebuyers. 

PenFed Credit Union 


There are no lender costs 

* Up to $2,500 in lender credits (only for purchase loans) 

* Member discounts on asset protection programs, home security systems and tax preparation services 

* Serves members in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam and the UK 


There are no additional expenses for VA loans besides the lender charge. 

PenFed, as a credit union, can offer lower, more competitive VA loan rates. Despite low rates and no loan costs, PenFed charges for VA funding, title, appraisal, and tax services. 

Because PenFed has an open nationwide membership charter, anyone can qualify for a VA loan. 

Veterans First 


* Specialized in VA loans and military borrowers 

* Licensed in all 50 states and Washington, DC 


* High credit score required 

* No home equity loans or HELOCs 

Veterans First Mortgage offers online loan applications. Military customers can apply for loans online, track and upload documents, and e-sign paperwork. There are VA buy and refinance loans (IRRRLs and cash-out). 

Veterans First has somewhat higher rates than others on our list, but overall loan costs are cheaper. 

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With LendingTree, you can compare VA loan rates from numerous lenders with a one form. 

No loan servicer 

LendingTree is a lending marketplace that allows borrowers to compare VA loan rates and closing costs from three lenders. Using a marketplace might help you consolidate offers on rarer loans like ARMs (adjustable-rate mortgages). 

Using LendingTree is free, and comparing offers won’t influence your credit score. Borrowers can receive an estimate of mortgage rates by entering their credit score and loan type on LendingTree. 

New American Funding for Bad Credit 


* Low credit score requirement 

* English/Spanish multilingual agents 

* Nontraditional credit lending 

* Branches in 31 states 

* Not accessible in New York or Hawaii 

* No online disclosure of fees and rates 

New American Funding lends to applicants with credit ratings as low as 580 through manual underwriting. NAF also looks at “nontraditional credit” such on-time utility and rent payments. 

* No home assessment and no income verification for IRRRLs 

* Borrowers with acceptable credit may be qualified 

* Visit local branches or make online appointments 

* Online document upload, e-signature, and loan tracking 


* No HELOCs or home equity loans 

* No online pre-qualification 

3% down payment 

Freedom Mortgage

Freedom Mortgage offers low-credit-scoring veterans home buy, refinance, and cash-out refinance loans if they meet other financial and income conditions. 

The Freedom Mortgage VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL) program is also accessible. There are no income verification requirements and no house appraisals with a VA streamline refinance. Savings will vary depending on existing and new interest rates, closing expenses, etc. 

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