The 5 Best Banks In Nigeria

Ever wondered what banks are the best banks in Nigeria? Hard question to answer, right? Well, that’s why we are here- to fully dymestify the basic characteristics that make a bank good, then better than others, and finally the best among others.

Welcome to another informative time on the blog. In this post, we would identify the five most highly rated banks in Nigeria; worthy of saving and investing. Remember our previous post on Top 10 Banks in Nigeria? Well, if you missed it, see here, now we would be identifying the five best banks among the ten listed, here in Nigeria. Wondering which banks are the best? Keep reading!


How this bank manages to live up to its name by maintaining its place on every list is a wonder. First bank is the first established bank in West Africa and Nigeria’s number one financial service solution provider which was established in 1894.

This bank has truly outdone itself by proving its worthiness of being called the First Bank of Nigeria. This bank proves to be the most resilient financial institution brand in Nigeria that has withstood the test of time and spread its boundaries to Paris, Ghana, London, amongst several other countries.


The Guaranty Trust Bank is by far the only bank that has come very close to the standards of the First Bank of Nigeria.

Guaranty Trust Bank provides immense financial services to its customers, ranging from asset management, to investment banking, to retail and corporate services, offline and internet banking, to name but a few.

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This bank boasts of having the best, fastest and most reliable online banking system in the country, as well as the best managed financial institution. Its customer service is top notch and this makes it sought after by all and sundry.  It is also one of the most profitable and well managed financial institution in  Nigeria.

Furthermore, GTB was acknowledged at the annual Euromoney awards for Excellence held at London in July 2019 as the best bank in Africa, and it was further acclaimed as the best bank in Nigeria; an award it has won over 9 times.

These and many makes it a part of the five best banks in Nigeria. See more about this bank here


Stanbic IBTC is one financial service holding company in Nigeria which boasts of 9 ancillaries which variegate in Investments, Capital and Stock Exchange, Pension, Asset management, to mention but a few. This bank’s sectors currently operate in 18 countries, and it has grown to become Africa’s largest banking group in terms of assets and earnings.

Stanbic IBTC provides unmatched seamless and user-friendly digital banking services, which provides insurance packages, electronic wallet for banking and investment opportunities, etc.

In 2018, Stanbic IBTC bank was acknowledged the best investment bank in Nigeria, which makes it fit to be on the list of the five best banks in Nigeria.


The United Bank For Africa proffers a wide range of financial services, which include corporate banking trade, finance and investment banking, mobile and internet banking and a host of similar others.

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The bank’s super efficiency in Internet banking has helped it acclaim itself as the best commercial bank website in the year 2020. It’s expertise at delivering classified financial services in Nigeria and globally further helped it acclaim the award by the Business day banks and other financial institution (BAFI) as the International bank in 2020.

This feats are beyond doubt worthy enough for this bank to be listed among the five best banks in Nigeria.


Zenith Bank happens to be one of the paramount financial institutions in Nigeria, and it makes it to this list having become notable in the Banking sector through unmatched customer expertise, conceptual financial directoty, and significant service delivery.

Zenith Bank is further proven to be one of the richest banks in Nigeria, and it’s steadiness and dependability in top notch service delivery enabled it to be acclaimed the best Commercial bank in Nigeria in the year 2019 according to Global Finance (magazine).

And just recently, Zenith Bank has been recognized as People’s Choice Bank of the Decade at Thisday Awards in year 2020 and also the most precious banking brand in Nigeria in the same year.

Wow! What an exciting and overly informative read. Truth is, I had fun while researching and reading this and I hope you found it worth your time too. If yes, do leave me a comment and stay tuned for another post soonest. Cheers!

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