Self Credit Card Reviews, Customer Service And Cash Advance 

Self Credit Card Reviews, Customer Service And Cash Advance

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Secured credit cards let people who have no credit or bad credit build a history of credit. The Self Visa is a type of card that does this. After meeting the requirements for the Self Visa, you get a loan that is put into an interest-bearing Certificate of Deposit. This article outlines Self Credit Card Reviews, Customer Service And Cash Advance.

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When you borrow money from a bank, you get a rate. 

After you pay off the loan in full, the CD has unlocked its value, so you can open a secured credit card with the money from the CD as a deposit. People who pay off their debts earn interest on the money they’ve already paid back. The card also has fees and charges. It doesn’t give you any rewards or other benefits. 


* It’s not that hard to get qualified. 

* Builds credit and earns interest on savings at the same time. 

* You can’t get your money right away. 

* It can be a little pricey. 

This is how the pros explained it to you: 

* Getting the Self Visa isn’t as difficult as getting a secured card like the Chase Freedom. This card doesn’t require a standard credit check or a traditional security deposit like some other cards. For the Self Visa, you need to have a Credit Builder account open for at least three months, have at least $100 in this account, and make sure this account is in good shape. 

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* Credit is built while interest is earned on savings: To build your credit, you open a credit builder account with this card. One of Self’s bank partners gives you a small loan after you do this. Your payments on the loan are reported to the credit agencies because they pay off the loan. This can help you build credit factors like a good payment history. In turn, the money from the loan is kept in an FDIC-insured Certificate of Deposit that earns a fee. When your loan term is over, the CD opens and you get back the principal amount and the interest you’ve earned, minus fees and other costs, from your bank account. If you have a Self Visa account, Self will keep your money as a safety deposit. You’ll get your security deposit back when your credit card account is closed, minus any charges that are still owed on the account. 

A list of things that could go wrong

* You can’t get your money right away: That means you have to wait before you can get the money this card gives you. To get a credit card, you need to deposit at least $100 into your Credit Builder account after you open it. If you open a credit card account, you can’t get the money in your Credit Builder account until you’ve paid off your debt for 12 or 24 months, or until you close the account. While it’s possible to pay back the loan early, you might have to pay a fee for doing so. You could also miss out on the benefit of building your credit payment history by making a lot of on-time payments, which can help your credit score. 

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* There are fees and costs: When some secured cards don’t charge an annual fee, the Self Visa costs $25 a year, plus there’s a one-time $9 administrative fee that can’t be canceled. Also, you may be charged a small fee for early withdrawal based on the size of your account. This fee could be less than $5. There is also a fee for the Credit Builder loan. In total, these costs make this card more expensive than some other secured cards. In fact, that’s especially true if you choose to pay off your debt over time, which means you pay more in interest charges over the long run. 

The cardholder’s experience 

If you have a Self credit card, you can’t take the J.D. Power Credit Card Satisfaction Survey. You can contact Self through its website, through live chat, or by calling (877) 883-0999 to get help. 

The security features 

Self has the same safety and security features as credit cards that are made by U.S. banks. The multi-level encryption and vulnerability scans that come with all card accounts help keep data safe. 

In order to get a Credit Builder loan, you must have an FDIC-insured certificate of deposit. 

This is what we think. 

The Self Visa credit card is a good choice for people who can’t get a secured card because they don’t have good or bad credit, or because they don’t have enough money for the security deposit that most secured cards need to get started. It’s easier to get the Self Visa because there isn’t a credit check or a security deposit. You can use the card to build credit and save money. And you choose how much you pay each month, which can be as little as $25 if you want. 

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Some other secured cards are cheaper in the long run, but this one doesn’t give you quick access to money.

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