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About RBC Bank

In 2020, the RBC scored a 794 out of 1,000 grade, while the other top banks in Canada received an average of 788. As a result, the Royal Bank of Canada’s ratings and reviews become more transparent. 

Client expectations have risen due to rapid improvements in digital banking. Customers’ experiences at RBC branches in Montreal and Toronto were the focus of Keatext’s research. Client feedback from across Canada aided the statistics. 

76 percent of Canadians bank digitally, according to a 2019 CBA research. A wide range of financial operations may still be executed in-branch, it claims, despite its decline in popularity. Clients visit a branch for many reasons, including convenience or a specific demand that cannot be satisfied online. Customer experience is important in banking and retail. 

910 reviews from Google Reviews (based in Toronto and Montreal) and 282 reviews from ConsumerAffairs.com (no specific geography) 

* There were three separate peaks around the end of February in 2016, 2017 and 2018. 

* Overall, there were 455 praises and 1,189 problems. 

Clients sent RBC 61 ideas and 33 questions. 

Top client concerns were service, employees and information. 

All of these reviews were written in plain English, which is uncommon in surveys and other consumer feedback methods. Verbatim consumer feedback can be used as qualitative data to inform new CX strategy and customer service initiatives. See what Keatext discovered. 

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What customers think of Royal Bank of Canada 

For this study, the Keatext research team utilized Google Reviews and ConsumerAffairs.com as data sources. The average rating on Google Reviews is 2.8/5 and on ConsumerReports.com is 1.09/5. What matters is why they gave these scores. 

Using these parameters, the Keatext team searched web reviews for client feedback on RBC. Negative client feelings were contextualized via benchmarking. AI analysis exposes people’s distinctiveness and often emotional thinking. 

RBC client satisfaction metrics 

This figure comes from the American Customer Satisfaction Index. 

They used terms like “glad,” “upset,” “inconsistent,” “worst,” and “useful” to describe the customer service. People said helpful, cheerful, courteous, unaccommodating, upset, upset, upset, like, incons 

Some clients commended RBC’s service, calling personnel friendly and helpful. In spite of this, complaints about slow service are common. 

Some clients commended RBC’s service, calling personnel friendly and helpful. These compliments are sometimes coupled with concerns, such as slow service. “Service was slow at this Royal Bank of Canada location, although the personnel was friendly,” one consumer said. 

Upselling and lack of professionalism are common complaints (one client wrote, “Great service. Others complained about the bank’s poor transaction speeds and hostile employees: “Relatively excellent service, but slow and lacking professionalism/neutrality. I don’t expect a customer service representative that advocates violence and political ideologies. “Bad communication. “No one.” 

Return rates 

One client suggested looking for better RSP prices elsewhere. RSP exit was also mentioned. Mortgages with their excessive rates and impossible escape were also advised. Customers felt they were not given enough notice. According to certain clients, lower interest rates in hardship programs or payment plans aren’t available or extendable Compromised interest rates and money taken from accounts without warning were popular gripes. 

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Clients bemoaned bad service and difficulty reaching management. Living overseas got difficult. It was not recorded. One client said a call center employee was “rude and wouldn’t even get me a supervisor”. They don’t deserve one star because they don’t know customer service.” 


Affected by website disruptions, clients also attacked the RBC website’s design. Online transactions still cause some concern. 

Affected by website disruptions, clients also attacked the RBC website’s design. Online transactions still cause some concern. The RBC hackathon was also slammed. It enables you to deposit a check up to $5000, then 4 days later says it’s not authorized and you must mail it in… One client says their website is broken. 


Keatext might also acquire data about ATMs. “I came here on a weekend to use the ATM. He had to enter his card because it was after hours. Disappointed that the door was locked. The branches on Tour Jean Talon in Montreal and 101 Dundas St. W in Toronto were noticed as unclean. 

Various questions arose about the clearing time of cheques deposited in ATMs. Bad RBC branch… To my surprise, the bank retains the funds from my weekend deposit until they are cleared… In other words, the bank holds my money HOSTAGE and will not inform me of the law until it causes me inconvenience! 

The Royal Bank of Canada’s reviews are AI-analyzed.

What Keatext’s AI text analysis technology can reveal is not limited to RBC client comments. Overall, a company’s customer experience (CX) strategy affects operations and revenue.

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RBC Bank: Conclusion 

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