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Quontic Bank

This article explains all you need to know about Quontic Bank.


Quontic Bank, founded in 2005, has $352 million in assets and $293 million in deposits, making it a minor bank. Quontic Bank, headquartered in Astoria, New York, does not offer live chat or 24/7 customer care. It is a traditional bank having branch locations, as well as online and mobile services. Its SmartAsset rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars should put it near the top of your list. Quontic Bank offers a number of product options, including savings accounts, checking accounts, CDs and mortgage products. Other banks provide better savings rates than Quontic Bank. The bank’s regular checking account has no monthly cost for ordinary use. Free checking and high savings APYs are the greatest options for earning the highest interest on your deposits while still having quick access to your funds. 

Quontic Bank High Yield Savings Account Review Quontic Bank offers only one savings account. 

Quontic Savings Account 

There is no minimum initial deposit requirement for the Quontic High Yield Savings account. No monthly fees, no minimum balance restrictions, no overdraft costs. This is typical of most savings accounts. Electronic transfers allow you to swiftly move funds between Quontic Bank accounts or to another bank. 

Savings accounts 

If the Quontic High Yield Savings account isn’t appropriate for you, try one of these alternatives. 

Quontic Bank CDs 

Quontic Bank offers traditional CDs with varying terms. 

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Quontic Bank offers six-month to five-year CDs. It has most of the terms one would expect, but lacks a four-year CD, making it unsuitable for building a CD ladder. There are no fees and the minimum deposit is lower than some other leading banks. 


Quontic Bank offers three checking accounts, detailed below. 

Bitcoin Rewards Checking Quontic Bank 

This revolutionary bank account provides you cash back on qualified debit card purchases, but in Bitcoin instead of dollars. But only certain states have this account. It also has a nationwide fee-free ATM network and internet banking options. The bank is working on a mobile app for this account. 

Quontic Cash Rewards Checking 

This account is comparable to Quontic Bank’s Bitcoin Rewards Checking, but pays out in US dollars. The account has no monthly fees or minimum deposits, but does require a small initial deposit. Online and mobile banking are also available. Quontic Bank’s Cash Rewards Checking account does not impose overdraft fees. 

Quontic Bank Interest Checking 

In order to earn income on your Quontic Bank High Interest Checking account, you must make at least 10 debit card purchases of $10 each per month. It boasts a low initial deposit requirement, no monthly fees, and a nationwide ATM network. 

Accounts to compare 

If none of Quontic Bank’s checking accounts appeal to you, check out our list of the top checking accounts. 

Quontic Bank customer service 

Quontic Bank has an A+ rating with the BBB and a 4/5 rating on TrustPilot. This indicates that most of its consumers are pleased with its service. 

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Quontic Bank has yet to be rated highly by large-scale customer satisfaction surveys like J.D. Power. That makes comparing its customer service to its competitors difficult, although there are no clear red flags to be concerned about. 

Relations with Quontic Bank 

Quontic Bank doesn’t give relationship perks like reduced maintenance costs or higher APYs on savings accounts because it already does. Like the described relationship benefits, internet banks like Quontic Bank don’t normally offer them. 

Quontic Bank substitutes 

If Quontic Bank isn’t appropriate for you, try one of these: 

Bank of America 

It is also known for its low fees and high APYs. It offers more CDs than Quontic Bank. But it lacks cash-back checking accounts. 

TD Bank 

Discover Bank is a lot like Ally. It also has low rates and no monthly fees, and no minimum balance requirements. No branches like Quontic Bank means you must be comfortable managing your money online. 

Interested in Quontic Bank? 

If you use your debit card frequently, have at least $100 to create an account, and value customer care, Quontic Bank may be the right fit for you. 

account at Quontic Bank 

Quontic Bank also offers a money market account. A tiered APY structure rewards saving more money, though the maximum APY is out of reach for most. This account includes a debit card for cash withdrawals.

Credit Quontic 

Quontic Bank offers mortgages and refinances, as well as Community Development Loans for people turned down by other lenders. There are standard, FHA, and VA loans.

Quontic Bank: Conclusion 

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post on Quontic Bank.

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