pos machine price in nigeria

The POS machine has made life very easy for all of us. We can now make payments with ease while in a hurry, monitor our businesses, manage our businesses and employees. It also helps us keep record of our sales, our customers, and our inventory.

In Nigeria, there aren’t many banks near us. Therefore, making transactions can be quite stressful. Having to withdraw or make deposits and transfers while you are 20 miles away from the nearest bank is something you would do out of frustration.

You might want to venture into the POS banking services, or you have a small business and you’d like to keep track of your sales. Or maybe you just want it for your personal use and you don’t know how to work your budget. 

Here’s a list of the best POS machine price in Nigeria.

But first, let’s talk about what a POS device is.

What Is A POS Machine?

The point of sale (POS) machine is a device used to process payments and transactions from credit and debit cards, for products purchased or services rendered. 

The POS device was introduced in Nigeria by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) when the agent banking system was created in 2013. 

Types Of POS Machine


The existence of the mobile POS hardware has made things better as there are many shops that offer bank services with a little extra charge.

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Cash withdrawals, payment of bills, cash deposits and transfers, airtime and data purchases are now easy and fast.

The mobile POS device is also used by small market vendors, small businesses and freelancers. 


This type is used for larger businesses with more inventories, employees and customers. It has much larger screens than the mobile POS Machine, and more storage capacity. It gives room for more efficiency and better management. It is used by the art galleries, gift and coffee shops.


pos machine price in nigeria

With features such as the barcode scanner, cash register and low rate payments processing, big stores such as the convenience stores, can easily monitor their customer information, inventories and product sales. Liquor stores use the ID scanner to verify the age of their customers to keep from breaking the law.

POS Machine Price In Nigeria

If you’re here, then you are probably looking to start a POS business. So here’s some of the best POS machines in Nigeria and their prices.

  1. The Opay POS Machine

You may be shocked or a little impressed to find that the Opay POS machine is actually free! Although you might pay a sum of N20,000 which they term as caution/security fee. You will be refunded the money if you later decide to return the POS machine to the company.

2. Firstmonie POS Machine

Firstmonie is a product of First Bank‘s agent services. They also provide you with a free POS machine when you decide to  register as an agent. 

Additionally, there’s an instant credit when you process any transaction. 

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3. Suppliers and online-shopping sites

If you desire to purchase a POS machine all by yourself, there are many sellers online and off-site. All you have to do is download the POS software on your hardware device, and you’re good to go!

However, the price of a POS hardware is not fixed, and it ranges from as little as N47,000 to as high as N240,000,which all depends on the features of the device you are purchasing.


If you are contemplating whether or not to be a banking agent, due to the number of POS shops around, think no further. The POS business is a very lucrative one, as every single person makes at least two transactions a day. You will assuredly make great sales and life will be easier for you, as well as everyone around you.

I wish you great success!

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