Nigeria Bank Loan Without Collateral 

Nigeria Bank Loan Without Collateral

Putting up the title “bank loan without collateral in Nigeria” would have appeared absurd years ago. We can now confidently construct a list of traditional banks in Nigeria who provide this service. 

This is in recognition of other Nigerian loan agencies. The financial technology industry dominates lending. Traditional banks seem to see the need to modify the narrative. This article lists Nigeria Bank Loan Without Collateral.

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Some of our other posts on rapid online loans in Nigeria are Renmoney loan and Migo loan. We’ll focus on the top Nigerian banks that offer no-collateral loans for now. 

Banks in Nigeria that offer no-collateral instant loans 

Some of the top banks in Nigeria that offer no-collateral loans are: 

1. FCMB Limited 

FCMB, one of Nigeria’s premier financial institutions, continues to provide outstanding customer service. FCMB offers the following unsecured loans: 

* Auto Loan * Fast Cash * Premium Salary Loan 

The FCMB FastCash Loan is a no-collateral quick loan available via USSD code *329#. 


Maintaining a Salary Current or Savings Account with WEMA Bank facilitates collateral-free loans. The maximum loan amount is seven times monthly pay, up to N2 million. Applicants must be confirmed workers and the loan is disbursed within 48 hours. 

3.IBTC Stanbic 

The Standard Bank Group’s Nigerian division offers commercial and personal loans. You can get a loan without a salary account from this bank in Nigeria. Repayment lengths range from one to five years. During this time, payments are made monthly. 

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4. Zenith 

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can get loans from Zenith Bank. 

For example, borrowing clients can use the LPO to finance material purchases. Overdrafts, on the other hand, allow the borrower to go over their credit limit. It is normally set for a period of twelve months. All of this is available without requiring collateral. Find out how to receive a Zenith Bank loan here. 

5. Fidelity 

The SME-friendly bank has won multiple awards to gain a foothold in retail banking. Business and personal loans with no collateral are available through Fidelity Bank’s FEALS program. Customers can use FEALS to buy new cars, generators, inverters, laptops, and other items. Its minimum contribution is 20% and it takes 48 hours to approve. 

Questions & Answers 

Among the most often asked: 

1. What do banks check before lending? 

Most banks start with a credit check. They then decide on your loan application based on how shiny or dull it is. But they also look at your income, job, assets, net worth, and more. The parameters they use vary by bank. 

Get loans without difficult checks at They provide legitimate loans with minimum background checks and requirements. 

2. How do I get a bank loan? 

You can’t exactly bribe a bank. This is because each loan product has minimal standards that must be met in order to be approved. Most banks won’t give you a loan unless you have a high net worth or valuable collateral to use as a bargaining chip. 

Fortunately, loanspotafrica offers one of the easiest loans to obtain. 

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3. How to know if I’m Eligible

On the lender’s website or loan qualification. Just go to their platform and examine the requirements. Some advance lenders let you create a profile or provide your BVN to see if you qualify for a loan. 

Other lending platforms, like loanspotafrica, feature loan offers for people who don’t qualify for traditional bank loans. 

Nigeria Bank Loan Without Collateral: Conclusion

We advise you to complete your investigation before applying for a bank loan. You should also keep an eye on these banks to see which platform best matches your needs. You may also compare loan offers from multiple lenders in seconds to make the best selection when applying for a loan. Finally, you might look at Union Bank and Jaiz Bank loans.

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