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Mufg Union Bank

This article explains all you need to know about Mufg Union Bank.

Simple bank account seekers 

Its account interest rates are below average. The bank’s highest-earning account pays 1%. If you want to optimize your returns, avoid this bank. 

California, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Washington are the bank’s only US locations. Not unless you live in those states. 

* Three savings accounts for kids and teens 

* Low minimums and rates 

Certificates of Deposit 

* 7 to 60 month terms 

* $2,500 minimum deposit 


* Teen Access® Checking account

 * Priority Banking® Checking account 

* IRAs 

* Two Fixed-Rate CDs and a Bonus Rate Rollover IRA CD are available. 

Union Bank is one of MUFG’s three American brands. MUFG has about 2,000 offices worldwide. In addition to California, Union Bank maintains offices in Texas and Washington. 

Union Bank has many products. Consolidate your banking from personal loans to corporate savings accounts. 

Mufg Union Bank Gains 

There is an account for everyone at Union Bank. You can start an IRA to save more for retirement. Open a teen checking and savings account to learn about money management. Of course, Union Bank caters to all. 

Union Bank accounts include online, mobile, and text banking, as well as automatic payments. 

Your Union Bank savings account (excluding the Youth Banking accounts). The Regular Savings account earns daily and quarterly compounded interest. Open and maintain a $1,000 minimum Priority Banking® or Private Advantage® checking account to earn extra. It must be linked to your bank account. Linking accounts protects against overdrafts. 

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A daily ledger balance of $300 or a monthly deposit of $25 eliminates the account’s small monthly cost. 

These are two of Union Bank’s three minor-friendly accounts. These accounts attempt to teach money management to kids and teens. Minors can learn to save too. An adult must own both accounts. 

The account is open for kids 8-12. Every $5 deposited wins a stamp. A daily stamp is allowed. Ten stamps get you a store gift card. A savings program for kids. 

Teen Savings is for ages 13-17. This account comes with a $100 daily withdrawal Union Bank ATM Card. A lesson about saving and spending money. This account also protects against overdrafts. 

Mufg Union Bank: Customer service 

Union Bank can be reached online, by phone, or in person. A physical branch will be available for clients (and potential customers) from California to Texas to Washington. 

You must enter your state to view the bank’s online product options. Not from one of these states? You can still use their services. 

Customer Service: 1-800-298-6466, 1-800-898-6466

Get information about existing accounts: 1-800-238-4486

What can Mufg Union Bank do? 

Everything is possible online at Union Bank. Current accounts, checking and savings accounts, small business services and mortgage alternatives are all easily accessible. 

The bank’s website is comprehensive but difficult to navigate. You may need to explore or search the site to find an account’s interest rates. 

Automated payments and alerts by email and text So you’re always on top of your money. You can also bank on the move with its app. For example, pick a payee, amount, and payment type to submit a secure payment. 

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You can access your funds online, by phone, or in a branch. Online banking lets you send money, pay bills, and track transactions. Mobile banking offers mobile check deposit. 

Which Bank Account Saves Me Money? 

Union Bank doesn’t provide the best rates, therefore saving money is difficult. It’s the perfect time to buy 60-month CDs and IRAs with a Bonus Rate Rollover. 

A monthly service fee is also avoided. Keeping a minimum balance often waives a monthly fee. Then you won’t be charged a service fee. But don’t rush to meet them. 

Mufg Union Bank: Conclusion 

Avoid Union Bank if you prefer personal banking. Other states lack the bank. Those residents can only use phone, online, or mobile banking. 

Union Bank’s rates are also high. No account earns 1%. To compensate for the low returns, most of these accounts lack incentives. So go elsewhere if you want big savings. 

Its low interest rates and cluttered website are similar to other banks we’ve researched. Online-only banks usually have better rates and websites. Still have internet and mobile? If you live nearby, phone or visit a branch. Overall, the bank is a solid choice for anyone seeking simplicity.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post on Mufg Union Bank.

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