Mortgage banks in Nigeria

Mortgage banks in Nigeria

There are 34 corporations that are accredited by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as primary mortgage banks in Nigeria. These primary mortgage banks are money establishments that offers loans to housing and real estate builders

Among the list of 34 corporations across the country, CBN aforesaid 17 of the Primary Mortgage Banks are in Lagos; there are eight in Abuja; there are two in Akwa Ibom; while Oyo, Delta, Ogun, Kebbi, Jigawa, Abia and Osun have one each. In case you’ve found a mortgage loaner that appears too good to be true, it likely is except with this corporation. Lenders are invariably on the lookout for tactics to extend their profit, and a method is by giving out additional cash for mortgages. typically they’ll charge front fees and alternative instances they’ll need a deposit.


  1. Abbey Mortgage Bank, Lagos
  2. AG Homes, Lagos
  3. Akwa Savings, Akwa Ibom
  4. Aso Savings and Loans, Abuja
  5. Brent (Skyfield) Savings, Lagos
  6. Centage Savings and Loans, Lagos
  7. City Code, Lagos
  8. Coop Savings and Loans, Oyo
  9. Delta Mortgage Finance, Delta
  10. FBN Mortgages, Lagos
  11. FHA Homes Ltd, Abuja
  12. First Generation Homes, Abuja
  13. Gateway Savings, Ogun
  14. Global Trust, Lagos
  15. Haggai Mortgage, Lagos
  16. Home-base Mortgage, Lagos
  17. Imperial Homes, Lagos
  18. Infinity Trust, Abuja
  19. Jigawa Savings and Loans, Jigawa
  20. Jubilee-Life Mortgage Bank, Lagos
  21. Kebbi State Homes, Kebbi
  22. Lagos Building and Investment, Lagos
  23. Mayfresh Mortgage Bank, Abia
  24. MGSL Mortgage Bank, Abuja
  25. Mutual Alliance, Akwa Ibom
  26. New Prudential, Lagos
  27. Nigeria Police Mortgage Bank, Abuja
  28. Omoluabi (Livingspring), Osun
  29. Platinum Mortgage Bank Limited, Abuja
  30. Refuge Homes, Lagos
  31. Resort Savings and Loans, Lagos
  32. Safetrust Savings and Loans, Lagos/Abuja
  33. STB Building Society, Lagos3
  34. Trustbond Mortgage Bank, Lagos
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