Moniepoint POSS Explained 

Moniepoint POSS

Do you know Moniepoint? Let us quickly explore Moniepoint POSS, Moniepoint Login, and how you may benefit and earn from their platform. 

Moniepoint’s transaction channel platform allows you to access many transactions at once. Clients and Moniepoint sellers benefit from mobile apps, POS, and Smart POS. 

Today, one of the easiest and most profitable businesses to start is POS. Moniepoint POSS is a top-tier POS supplier carrier that provides superior services for cross-border transactions. 

Moniepoint is one of Nigeria’s fastest growing and most reliable mobile money services. Basically, Moniepoint allows you to make money transfers, withdrawals, airtime purchases, and more. 

Also, the organization has one of the best networks in town, so the issue of “no network”, common with many POS systems, may be avoided. 

In this article, we will describe how to become a Moniepoint POSS agent, as many people find it challenging. We may also discuss the commissions an agent receives and other information about the company. 

Watch the below video on Moniepoint POSS:

Become an Agent 

To purchase a Moniepoint POSS machine, simply contact the nearest office. 

When you arrive at the office, an agent will walk you through the registration and application procedure. Also, keep in mind that the equipment is cheaper than other service providers’ POS devices at around N25,000. Also, only apply for Moniepoint POSSmachines in a certified center. 

What Does Moniepoint POSS Cost? 

It has cheap transaction fees. Moniepoint POSS charges as little as N6.2 for a minimum withdrawal. You can set your rates according to your location. 

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Moniepoint has the lowest transaction costs of any POS facilitators. Unlike other POS providers, the costs are dependent on the number of transactions rather than the banks. 

The cost is N20 for all banks in Nigeria. Unlike many other POS companies, Moniepoint does not impose extra bank fees. 

How do I join Moniepoint POSS? 

Before you may apply for a Moniepoint POSS machine, you must first register as a full agent. 

Here is some necessary information needed to process your application at the registration portal: 

* Email address 

* Username 

* Phone number 

* Mother’s maiden name 

* Two address lines 

* Country and city 

Aside from the foregoing minor personal details, you must give a document because this is a financial transaction. 

Moniepoint App 

Moniepoint exists to simplify financial transactions. You can also use the POS terminal in the Moniepoint smartphone app to make payments. 

The app makes transfers, withdrawals, and more simple, and you can easily submit a complaint if something goes wrong. The Moniepoint staff would contact the affected bank to reverse the funds. 

Limits on Moniepoint transactions 

Moniepoint imposed a transaction limit for non-business users. As a result of exceeding the daily limit for the default level, you may receive an error message stating “the transaction has failed” (KYC level 1). 

To eliminate the limit, simply increase your KYC level to business. Use the steps below to get KYC business level. 

Go to KYC level in your Moniepoint account, scroll down to your dashboard, pick settings from the drop-down menu, and that’s it. 

You can also contact the staff if you have issues upgrading. 

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Call Moniepoint POSS Now! 

You can contact the firm via the following methods:  

Moniepoint Support Phone: +234 814 150 0017 (Whatsapp only) 

Email: [email protected] 



Twitter: @moniepoint 

Where to Buy Moniepoint POSS? 

Moniepoint POSS machine is usually free if you are their agent and meet their requirements. To learn more about how to get one, contact them using the information above. 

What is Moniepoint POS? 

Moniepoint POSS was designed to make and receive payments easily. 

It allows you to pay for things using your Moniepoint accounts at POS terminals. 

How much is a Moniepoint POS? 

25k for Moniepoint POSS. If you don’t meet their requirements, you can get a POS machine from moniepoint. 

How do I receive a POS? 

Contact your newly designated Cluster Manager for assistance in obtaining a POS device. 

Moniepoint POSS: Conclusion 

Join the most trusted mobile money platform. Become a mobile money agent and deliver banking services to your customers with Moniepoint. 

Moniepoint enables you to reliably and profitably deliver services like cash transfer and airtime top-up.

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