Moniepoint POS Synchronization, How To Do It 

Moniepoint POS Synchronization

How do I sync my Moniepoint Terminal? 

When funds do not appear in your wallets following a successful withdrawal transaction due to system failure or outage, synchronization is performed. To allow all of your transactions to be reflected in your Moniepoint wallet. This article explains all you need to know about Moniepoint POS Synchronization.

Watch the below video on Moniepoint POS Synchronization:

How to synchronize your Moniepoint Analog pos system. 

* Go to service 

* Select synchronization 

* Complete the synchronization process 

* Verify your wallet balance 

* Go to Service 

* Click on Admin 

* Input your transaction pin 

* scroll to synchronize 

* click on it and restart your terminal 

In Nigeria, how much does a Moniepoint POS machine cost? (

Cautionary fee). Is Moniepoint a free service? 

Moniepoint POS has a N20,000 cautionary cost that you must pay in order to obtain the POS from them. This fee is charged to ensure that the POS is not damaged. This charge does not imply that you have purchased the POS. Because if you fail to meet their expectations, they will retrieve the POS from you and, if it is still in good shape, they would immediately refund your initial payment of N20,000 to you. 

How long will it take you to obtain a moniepoint point-of-sale system? 

It takes less than 72 hours to receive Moniepoint POS. It’s also possible that you won’t obtain Moniepoint POS at all. Moniepoint only issues POS cards to agents who have a daily withdrawal limit of at least N70,000. They won’t provide you their POS if you can’t make that withdrawal. However, if you can meet up, you will receive Moniepoint POS quickly. 

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Moniepoint’s daily goal 

The daily withdrawal target for Moniepoint is N50,000. If you fail to accomplish this goal, they will take your POS and refund a portion of your initial money. They frequently only repay half (or less) of your first cash. 

Become a Moniepoint Agent

To become an agent, you must first meet the first criteria of being able to withdraw up to N70,000 per day, at the very least. After that, you must contact a local aggregator, as they now operate a system where you can only apply for POS from a local aggregator. 

What requirements must I meet in order to apply for a Moniepoint POS? 

All you’ll need is a national ID card, a driver’s license, a voter’s card, or an international passport, as well as a Nepa bill and a passport photos. To obtain the POS, you would need these items as well as a N10,000 cautionary cost. As I previously stated, if you opt to return the POS in excellent condition, you will receive a N10,000 refund. 

The documents listed below will be required. 

* A valid identification card, such as an international passport, a national ID card, or a voter’s card 

* A utility bill (Nepa bill) 

* A business license (for registered businesses only) 

* A valid BVN 

Other information required to apply for moniepoint POS 

* Initials + surname + initials + surname + initials + initials + initials 

Date of birth, gender, and email address are all required fields. 

* Your user name; 

* Your phone number. 

* Mother’s maiden name; two-line address; country and city 

Why is Moniepoint requesting your BVN? 

The Bank Verification Number is used to verify that the personal information you’ve provided is correct for the CBN’s KYC paperwork requirements. 

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If I have a problem, how can I contact Moniepoint customer service? 

They provide some of the best customer service in the agency banking industry. They normally have a specialized WhatsApp group for each state, which includes all of the agents as well as two support staff members. As a result, you have the option to ask any questions you may have. They also occasionally post network updates to this group, which is fantastic. 

How can I go to my Moniepoint dashboard? 

Go to for more information. Log in using your username and password to access your dashboard. If you don’t remember your username or password, ask your aggregator for assistance. Your username is usually your email address or your company name. 

Is there a mobile app for Moniepoint? 

Moniepoint offers a mobile app available for download from the Google Play Store. Simply search for Moniepoint in the Play Store or click here to get the app right now. 

What is the procedure for filing a complaint on the Moniepoint POS or platform? 

Any POS complaint you have can be submitted through the Moniepoint app, and it will be handled within 24 to 48 hours.

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