Milestone MasterCard Reviews 2022 

Milestone MasterCard Reviews 2022

People who don’t have a lot of money aren’t happy with credit card companies.  It doesn’t matter how legal it is to give credit cards with few benefits and high rates and fees to people who have no or few other options.  This article outlines the Milestone MasterCard Reviews 2022.

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There are many things that help you keep good credit, but one of them is having a low debt utilization ratio. Low credit limits, like the $300 limit on the Milestone Gold card, make it very hard to keep your credit utilization ratios low. People with bad credit can’t get this card because it has a low credit limit and a high annual fee even for people who have good credit. 

How to Make Your Milestone Credit Card Work 

• Go to the Milestone Credit Card website,, to set up your Milestone Credit Card and make it work. 

• As soon as the website starts up, the log in part is there. To activate your card, click on the link that says “Activate your card (you must be logged in).” 

It will take you to a new login page when you click on it. 

• To log in, you need to enter your username and password and click the “Log In” button to do so. 

• In a few minutes, users will be taken to the card activation page, where they can finish the process in just a few minutes. 

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I want to know how to get into my Milestone Credit Card account so I can pay my bills. 

• To get into your Milestone Credit Card account, go to and click the “Login” button on the upper right. 

A section called “Log In to Our Secure Server” is at the top right of the screen. You can go there to sign in. 

• After you enter your username and password, login. 

You can go to the credit card’s login page if you don’t know your login information. 

• Look for the “Forgot your Username or Password?” link at the bottom of the login widget as soon as the website starts up. 

• To open a new page, click on it. 

At First Sight 

* No deposit required 

* Zero liability guarantee 

* $35-$99 annual fee 

* High APR of 24.90 pct. 

Other benefits of a card 

* Zero Liability Guarantee: Cardholders don’t have to pay for fraudulent purchases made with their cards. 

* Identity Theft Monitoring: Automated identity theft monitoring through Mastercard, which is a good thing. 

Rates of interest that are written in small print 


* It gives people with bad or no credit a chance to get a loan. 

* It has no liability protection and keeps an eye on your identity. 


There are no rewards. 

There is a $35-$99 annual fee. 

There is a high APR of 24.90 percent. 

There is a $300 credit limit. 

Does the card fit you? 

Not at all: We would never recommend this card to anyone. This card and the way it’s being sold are bad news for everyone. For people who want an unsecured credit card even though they have terrible credit, we suggest that they think about getting a secured credit card instead. This will help them build credit. This card might be a short-term solution for people who have no other choice. Only after reading the fine print, having a clear plan to get out of bad credit, and trying every other way, should they use this card. 

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Milestone MasterCard Reviews 2022: Conclusion 

All that sparkles is not gold. when they see the Milestone® Mastercard®. But with a $35-$99 annual fee, no rewards, no low introductory APR, no serious extra perks, and high interest rates, the card is only a bad choice for people who have few other options. 

Don’t walk away from this card. Run. A lot of the fees, like the annual fee you’ll pay, are hidden in the small print. As a general rule, the standard APR is 24.90%. It’s also written down very carefully. 

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