Maurice’s Credit Card  

Maurice's Credit Card

People know Maurices because of its low prices and wide range of sizes, from 1 to 26. In case you’re a regular customer at Maurice’s, chances are that you already know about the store’s credit card and optional reward program. This article explains everything about Maurice’s Credit Card.

Watch the below video on Maurice’s Credit Card:

Make sure you think about the big picture of your finances before you decide if this card is right for you. This includes things like the rewards, benefits, and costs that come with this card. 

Getting points for clothes you would have bought anyway is a good idea. You should keep in mind that this credit card, like most retail cards, comes with a high APR (APR). If you don’t pay off your balance every month or very quickly, small purchases can end up costing a lot more than the price on the bill says they should. 

Apply for a Maurices credit card before you figure out if you can afford to pay on time and in full every month in order to get the most out of this credit card. 

People who live in the United States and are older than 18 can apply for a Maurices card if they have valid, government-issued photo ID. Other things you need to do are have a US social security number and a US mailing address. 

APR and other fees on Maurice’s credit card 

This credit card comes with no annual fee from Maurices. There is a variable APR of 27.24 percent that changes based on the Prime Rate and changes in the market. If the greater of the following is true, Maurices will figure out how much you must pay each month. 3.5% of the balance, or $5. When you have interest charges, Maurices charges at least $2.00 in every month that you can. It costs an extra $37 if you make a late payment or if you don’t pay at all. 

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How to deal with a high APR 

Retail credit cards give cardholders a good chance to build good credit history and earn reward points at stores where they already shop. Maurices isn’t the only store that charges very high interest rates, and many other stores do the same. People who use credit cards need to think carefully about how to manage their debt. This way, they can avoid paying a lot of interest over time. 

One of the best ways to get around this credit card’s high interest rate is to pay off the balance in full each month and not pay any interest at all. If you can’t pay off your balance in full, pay it off as soon as you can to avoid adding too much interest to the final price of the item. As a way to figure out how much the APR affects a budget, think about the following two situations: 

It cost Catherine $300 to pay for things with her credit card from Maurices. In order to pay off her credit card, she only paid the minimum each month, which was either 3% or $25. This extra time cost her an extra $54 in interest. It took her 15 months to pay the balance, and this extra time cost her an extra $54. There is an 18 percent charge for that extra 18 percent of the price. 

When Michelle used her credit card, she spent the same amount as before, but she paid $60 (20 percent of the balance) each month instead of the full amount each month. This is how it worked: She paid off the debt in 6 months, and it only cost her $22. 

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If you pay off the balance each month, you can get the most out of your retail card and avoid paying extra fees. 

On the Maurices credit card, you get the same benefits as everyone else. 

Check out Maurices online or in the store to apply for a card. As soon as you get the card in the mail, you also get a 15% discount on your first official purchase and birthday deals.

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