Is Tunegaga Real Or Scam 

Is Tunegaga Real Or Scam is an online platform that claims to pay its members money for watching videos on their site, but it’s not true. 

People who love movies should not waste their time watching videos online and then going back home with nothing. Instead, they should use a platform that rewards them for watching those videos. 

Here, in this review, I’m going to go over everything you need to know.

Watch the below video on Tungaga Review:

About Tungaga

Tunegaga is a type of animal that lives in the wild. is an online platform that claims to pay its members money for watching videos on their site, but it’s not true. 

A platform called “Tunegaga” says that it pays you money to watch online videos. There’s a good chance that you’ve tried to work on some online money-making sites before to try to make money. Because you do many small tasks, you don’t see the money. 

You don’t earn points and get gift cards with Tunegaga. Instead, you earn real money for every task you do online, and you can get it directly into your bank account in cash. How does it work? 

It’s quite simple. After you sign up, we’ll send you an activation code in the mail. You watch a short video on Tunegaga Tv, and then you get paid from 164.31 to 328.61 after you finish. You can work for free. 

You should watch an advertisement to learn more. 

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You can watch a short video on Tunegaga TV when you sign in to your account. 

People make money. 

Your full attention will pay off. You will get paid at least 164.31 and can get paid up to 328.61 for your full attention. You don’t make money if you open other tabs while the videos are on. 


Every Payday, take the money out of your Bank Account or Bitcoin wallet when you reach 8,215.29, and put it in your Bank Account or Bitcoin wallet. 

If you share your referral link with a friend, you’ll earn more money for every video they watch. 

How to Withdraw money from your account 

Tunegaga is very easy to cash out of. You need a Bitcoin wallet, a Perfect Money account, or a Payeer account to be able to withdraw directly to your bank account and send the money to your bank account instead. If you don’t have any of the above, you can download their apps on the Android or App Store, or you can visit the websites to open an account for free and choose the withdrawal method that works best for you. You can also choose the withdrawal method that works best for you. 

Quick access links or My Money will show you how to withdraw money. Choose a payment processor that you like, then click the “Cash Out” button and follow the steps to get your money. 

As soon as you submit your withdrawal request, you will get an email with a confirmation code. You will need to enter this code on the withdrawal page to make sure your withdrawal is real, 

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The withdrawal request is sent to our finance team for processing. If all of the payment information you entered is correct, your payment will be made the next day. Soon after the funds are sent to your wallet, you will get an e-mail to tell you. 

There are withdrawals on Tuesday and Friday, so make sure you know that. 

How do I make my Tunegaga account better? 

To get more daily tasks, you can upgrade your Tunegaga account. You can use Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Coinsph, or Visa/MasterCard to do this. To upgrade, you first need to add the money you need to pay for the upgrade to your Tunegaga spending account. 

On Tunegaga, there are two ways you can add money to your spending account: 

You can buy a Top Up code for the amount you want from the distributor in your country. Once you buy the code, he will send you a unique Top-up code, like a scatch card code, that you can use in your tunegaga account to add money to your spending balance. You can then use this code to spend your money right away. 

In addition, you can deposit the money directly to the funds in your Tunegaga Spending account with any of the available payment processors. 

As soon as you have the money in your spending balance, you should do the following steps. 

On Tunegaga, go to your Account. Then choose the plan that you want. 

Click on the “Upgrade” button with your spending balance. 

Do I get paid on when I do work for them? 

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At Tunegaga, they pay their members twice a month to make sure they always have money coming in. You can take your money out every Tuesday and Friday. After you make a withdrawal, all of your money is sent to the withdrawal method or wallet that you chose right away. 

Is real or fake? 

Until now, hasn’t been proven to be safe or not. In the meantime, there is no proof of payment on The site’s members don’t seem to be complaining about the platform. 

Tungaga: Conclusion 

Thanks for reading this review. If you think is legit or a scam, please tell us about it in the comment box below.

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