Is Sephora Credit Card Good For You? Full Details Here 

Sephora Credit Card

Because beauty and personal care items can cost a lot of money, it doesn’t hurt to get points or cash back when you buy them. If you’re a big fan of Sephora, you might want to think about getting the Sephora Credit Card. Cardholders get a lot of points for buying things at Sephora, and they also get a one-time discount. But you can only use your points at Sephora, and the sign-up bonus is small. We have a full review of the Sephora  Credit Card so you can find out everything. 

Watch the below video on Sephora Credit Card:

The full review of the Sephora Credit Card by the card company is here. 

Frequent Sephora shoppers who shop online or at Sephora stores who use this credit card are a good match for this card. 

Favorite things 

The Sephora Credit Card has a lot of perks that are related to the brand. 

Make Sephora purchases and get 4% back. 

There is a big deal about the Sephora Visa® Credit Card’s purchase rewards. The more you buy from Sephora, the more money you will get back in rewards. If you buy something at Sephora or, this applies to you. 

In order to get the purchase bonus, you can’t buy something at a third-party store, like a Kohl’s Sephora pop-up shop. You’ll get 1% back on things that don’t qualify for the bonus. 

The Sephora Credit Card doesn’t get cash back like other credit cards do. Rather, you’ll get your rewards in the form of a Credit Card Reward certificate. Then, you can use them to buy things. These can be used at Sephora stores or on the internet. Credit Card reward certificates are worth $5 each and expire after 30 days. 

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Get 15% off your first Sephora card purchase with this coupon. 

It’s also possible that the Sephora Credit Card could be very useful. The First Purchase Discount could be very useful. Cardholders who get a Sephora Credit Card for the first time get 15% off their first purchase at a Sephora store or on 

To use it again, you have to make your first purchase. You also can’t use it for things you already bought. 30 days after you get the Sephora Visa® Credit Card, the First Purchase Discount is over. 

During the year, there is no charge for the card. 

On top of the rewards, the Sephora Visa® Credit Card doesn’t charge you for the first year of service. This is standard for retail credit cards, but it’s still nice to see because the Sephora Visa® Credit Card doesn’t have enough benefits to make the fee worth it, so this is good. If you don’t buy anything from Sephora for a while, you don’t have to pay for a card that you don’t use. There are also no extra fees that don’t add up to a lot of value for your rewards. 

What could be done better? 

A cobranded credit card like Sephora Credit Card has a few flaws, like many other cobranded cards. 

Sephora spending is not required to get the small sign-up bonus. 

This card is called the Sephora Credit Card. It is a Visa card, so you can use it outside of Sephora. To get you to sign up for the card, it comes with a very specific type of sign-up bonus. If you spend $500 on your Sephora Credit Card outside of Sephora in the first 90 days, you’ll get a $20 Sephora Credit Card Reward. 

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No, you only need to meet the spending requirement for things you buy outside of Sephora. Using this card, you’ll only get 1% back on these purchases, and that 1% back can only be used at Sephora. You could lose out on a lot of rewards by using another card. 

A sign-up bonus of $20 isn’t very strong. Even if you add the 15% First Purchase Discount, you’re not likely to get a welcome bonus worth more than $50. There are many good credit cards that give you a sign-up bonus worth three times as much as the credit card itself (or more). 

Restrictive rewards and a limited ability to earn money 

A 4% rewards rate at first glance seems like a lot, but you really need to be a big Sephora fan to make them work for you. It starts with getting $5 worth of reward points. You need to do that before you get a reward certificate. You could spend more than $125 at Sephora if you were shopping outside of Sephora. 

There is also no time to spend the $125. When you earn purchase rewards, they expire in 90 days. You need to spend at least $125 in Sephora to get your reward, so you need to act quickly. There will be no reward if you don’t spend enough money before the time runs out on the deal. The credit card reward certificate has a time limit of 30 days, so use it up quickly or you will lose it. 

It may be hard for some people to meet the rules for how they can get the rewards. You can only get the 4% back if you go to a Sephora store or shop on If you want to buy your Sephora supplies at a third-party store, you’ll have to pay the 1 percent reward rate. 

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If you want to pay for things at Sephora: You should get the Sephora Credit Card. 

There is a credit card called Sephora Credit Card that is best for people who spend a lot of money in Sephora stores or on You can only get extra rewards in these places. Like most store cards, the Sephora card’s rewards can only be used to buy things at Sephora. A Sephora store may not be the best choice if you don’t spend a lot of money there, or if you prefer to buy Sephora products at places like Kohl’s.

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