Is It Possible To Buy Gift Card With Credit Card 

Is It Possible To Buy Gift Card With Credit Card

People buy gift cards with credit cards for several reasons, including ease. Is It Possible To Buy Gift Card With Credit Card? 

Aside from buying gift cards for birthdays or teachers, some people buy gift cards using credit cards specifically to gain rewards or save money. 

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How to buy gift cards with credit 

Buying gift cards in person is simple no matter how you pay. Purchase a gift card using a credit card in person by bringing the gift card to the register and selecting credit as payment. 

Buying a gift card online with a credit card works similarly. To buy an gift card online, for example, go to and decide whether you want it delivered to you, printed at home, or emailed to you. Then add the gift card to your online cart and continue to the payment page. 

Other companies, including,, and, allow you to buy gift cards and pay with a credit card. 

Can you get credit card rewards? 

Using a credit card to buy gift cards offers many advantages, including earning points. A $50 gift card may earn you points or cash back, whereas a $50 bill would earn you nothing. 

Choose the proper rewards credit card for your gift card purchases. However, some rewards credit cards merely offer cash back, while others offer points redeemable for airline or hotel benefits. 

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Should you buy gift cards online? 

Paying for gift cards using a credit card is fine, but there are some key benefits and drawbacks. 

The possibility for rewards on spending depends on the cash back or rewards credit card you have. Sometimes you can buy gift cards at a discount to save money on a significant transaction. Many consumers buy Disney gift cards at Target with their Target RedCard to save 5%. Saving 5% on a Disney visit can be worth the extra effort. 

Buying gift cards from small businesses can also help them recover from the economic impact of COVID-19. By purchasing gift cards now, you may save businesses money and use them later to purchase products or services. 

As for buying several gift cards, some merchants restrict it, especially when paying by credit card. However, some rewards credit cards state in the fine print that you won’t receive cash back or points. According to the terms and conditions of the Amex EveryDay® Credit Card from American Express, you earn rewards on “eligible purchases,” which exclude “fees or interest charges, cash advances, purchases of traveler’s checks, purchases or reloading of prepaid cards,” “purchases of gift cards,” and “person-to-person payments.” 

Is buying a gift card a cash advance? 

Also, some credit cards may treat gift card purchases as cash advances. In this situation, a cash advance fee and higher interest rate would apply. 

Gift cards purchased directly from a financial institution or a prepaid card purchased instead of a gift card code as a cash advance. You can get around this by buying gift cards as part of your regular shopping, like groceries. 

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Alternatively, you can phone your card provider and request that cash advances be disabled on your card. 

Is It Possible To Buy Gift Card With Credit Card: Conclusion 

Credit cards can be used to buy gift cards instead of cash or debit, but only with a plan. If you buy gift cards with plastic and don’t pay them off in full, you’ll be charged monthly credit card interest. Also, check to see if any gift card purchases may result in a cash advance fee. 

Buying gift cards with a credit card has its benefits, but also its drawbacks. This is true whether you want to use the gift cards yourself or buy them as gifts for others.

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