How To Save Money In USD With Piggyvest And Cowrywise 

How To Save Money In USD With Piggyvest And Cowrywise

It’s vital to pick a platform to save and invest on if you want to reach your financial goals. As a result, don’t take it lightly. This is why we put together this guide to assist you in choosing between Cowrywise and Piggyvest. 

Cowrywise allows you to invest in over 20 SEC-regulated mutual funds in a matter of seconds (SEC). This can be used to make long-term investments on a regular basis. Rent, weddings, and vacations all have their own savings strategies. Piggyvest, like Cowrywise, offers a variety of ways to save. Their investment opportunities come and go, so you must keep an eye out for them. This article outlines How To Save Money In USD With Piggyvest And Cowrywise.

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What you need to know about Cowrywise versus Piggyvest: 

 * Regular Savings

 * Life Goals * Emergency Plan

 * Saving Circles

 * Halal Savings 

But first, a word about Stash, your in-app wallet that is both secure and convenient. 

How To Save Money In USD With Piggyvest And Cowrywise:  PiggyVest Flex Dollar! 

You may beat currency depreciation and inflation by using Flex Dollar. This means you may use the Piggyvest app to save money while keeping it safe. You may quickly convert naira to dollars with Flex Dollar from your wallet or bank card. 

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Flex Dollar funds are managed by Anchoria Asset Management, a VFD group subsidiary. Nigeria’s Securities and Exchange Commission oversees it (SEC). Their investment ideas are designed to protect capital while diversifying income and asset types. 

It’s as easy as 1,2,3 to use Flex Dollar. 

Complete the transaction by selecting a funding source (Naira debit card or Flex Naira account). 

What is the Flex Dollar Rate, and how does it work? 

Your Piggyvest Flex Dollar account can earn you up to 5% per year. Interest rates are set by the market. Interest is accumulated daily but paid monthly (compounded). 

Is it possible to save money with my international or dollar card? You can only save in Naira for the time being. 

How do I get my Flex Dollars back? 

Withdraw in either Naira or US Dollars. Naira withdrawals will be made at the selected buy rate. Dollar withdrawals are made to your domiciliary bank account. Domiciliary payments have a modest processing cost. 

How To Save Money In USD With Piggyvest And Cowrywise :Cowrywise 

Investments in Nigerian Dollars 

United Capital is a private equity firm based in Cowrywise currently offers the Nigerian Eurobond Fund and the ARM Eurobond Fund. 

Eurobond? So, what’s the deal? Isn’t it supposed to be a monetary investment? 

Eurobonds are still denominated in US dollars. But first, what exactly are bonds? 

How to save money on Cowrywise – Where can you acquire the cash? 

1. You’ll need the most recent version of the Cowrywise app. Not a member yet? You may get the app here. 

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2. Select Invest in Mutual Funds from the menu. 

3. Conduct a risk assessment (optional). This brief test will tell you if you’re a low, medium, or high-risk investor. 

5. Choose “Dollar Mutual Funds” and put money into it. 

6. Taking money out of the fund 

1. To withdraw at any time, tap “Plans.” 

Select “Investments” from the menu. 

3. Set a dollar amount for your “Sell Units” investment. 

Piggyvest Savings Features 

* Piggybank 

* Flex Naira 

* Flex Dollar 

* Safelock 


Piggybank is a tool that allows you to save money on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can automate your savings and top up your account whenever you like. Piggyvest determines an automated withdrawal date for you when you invest. This plan can be cancelled at any time, however a small amount of your withdrawal will be removed. 

flex naira flex naira flex naira The Nigerian naira, on the other hand, is more adaptable. You will not be billed if you withdraw funds because there is no set withdrawal deadline. 


You are free to keep your money here. 


Safelock is a feature that cannot be broken. No amount of sobbing will be able to unlock this feature once it has been set. 


Targets is a feature that allows you to save money. 

Cowrywise is the best option if you want to stay on track with your financial goals and start investing rather than saving. 

Cowrywise investing alternatives: everything you need to know 

Cowrywise has Nigeria’s largest mutual fund selection, all of which are licensed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) (SEC). 

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Cowrywise is a high-level investment license in Nigeria. 

Cowrywise is the first fintech company in Nigeria to be licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to handle funds and portfolios. For investment purposes, it is referred to as “the CBN.” Investment companies are regulated by the SEC, much as banks are regulated by the CBN. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) safeguards your money as an investor. 

Investing in Mutual Funds 

Because mutual funds are made up of a variety of assets, investment in one usually entails investing in other assets as well. 

Mutual funds are ideal for first-time investors and casual savers. 

Mutual funds are ideal for first-time investors and casual savers. 

How To Save Money In USD With Piggyvest And Cowrywise: Conclusion

If you’re looking for “Cowrywise versus Piggyvest,” this is the guide for you. Do you want to fall in love with someone at first sight? Accept a modern user interface and a friendly and devoted team focused to improving your experience. 

Are you ready to gradually build your wealth? In less than a minute, you can join Cowrywise.

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