How To Obtain Moniepoint POSS 

How To Obtain Moniepoint POSS

Moniepoint has a transaction platform that lets you do a lot of things while you’re on the go. People and Moniepoint agents will both benefit from this, with mobile apps, POS, and SmartPOS all in play. POS businesses are easy to start because they don’t need a lot of money, and they also make a lot of money. On the market today, Moniepoint POS is one of the best providers of point-of-sale services. It has one of the best services for transactions on the go. This article explains How To Obtain Moniepoint POSS.

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How to Become a Moniepoint Agent and Get POS for your business 

You can get a Moniepoint POS machine by calling the nearest office of the company. At the office, an agent will walk you through the registration process and the steps you need to take in order to get the job done. Remember that the machine costs about N25,000, which is less than other service providers’ point of sale devices. Also, you should only apply for Moniepoint POS equipment at a store that has been approved by the company. 

There are three steps you need to take to become a POS agent for Moniepoint. 

1. Go to to see their official website, or click on the link. 

2. Fill out and send in the Moniepoint agent registration form. 

3. Make sure that your email and phone number are correct. An agent will contact you within 48 hours of registering. 

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4. The agent would tell you what you need to do and then make sure that you are an agent. 

Finally, to keep track of your account, go to the Moniepoint POS dashboard and click on “Account.” 

There are some things I need to do before I can become a Moniepoint POS agent. 

They ask for this information when they register to become an agent: 

You’ll need to give us your bank verification number (BVN) and your house PHCN bill. We’ll also need your bank account number and your national ID card. 

Log in to the Moniepoint POS. 

To get to your Moniepoint POS dashboard after registering, follow these steps: 

Take the Moniepoint app to the Google Play Store and get it from there, too. 

* Log in to your Moniepoint account through the Moniepoint app or through your phone browser. * As an agent, you’ll be able to do business without a hitch from now on. 

Transaction fees for the Moniepoint card 

Moniepoint’s transaction fees are very low, and they’re probably the cheapest when compared to other POS service providers. You pay based on how many transactions you make, not how much the bank charges you. It costs all Nigerian banks N20 to make this charge a set amount. 

In addition, the fee for withdrawing up to N4,000 is just N6.2, but it goes up as the amount is taken out. Other than these, Moniepoint, unlike many other POS service providers, does not charge extra bank fees like many other service providers do. 

When you use Moniepoint, there are transaction limits. How can you get around them? 

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You can’t make a lot of money on Moniepoint if you haven’t upgraded to the business level. “The transaction has exceeded the daily transaction limit.” This is because you have reached the maximum amount of money you can transfer at the set level (KYC level 1). All you have to do then is change your level of KYC to business, and the limit will be lifted. To move up to the KYC business level, do the following: 

The first thing you need to do is log into your Moniepoint account and go to your KYC level. Then you need to scroll down to your dashboard, click menu, and select settings. You can then choose to upgrade from the drop-down menu. 

You can also talk to the team if you have problems with the upgrade, as well. 

How To Obtain Moniepoint POSS: Conclusion 

Moniepoint is still one of the most popular point of sale systems in Nigeria. Basically, this is because of their wide network coverage and low prices. After you sign up, you can start taking advantage of having an agent right away.

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