I often wondered about what FSDH Merchant Bank is all about and has to provide and as is my usual practice, this prompted me to do a research on all this bank has to offer and guess what? I discovered a lot and if you also wondered about this, then join me on this informative ride as we evaluate the functions and mission of the FSDH Merchant Bank.

The FSDH Merchant Bank began its journey to becoming a merchant bank when the Central Bank of Nigeria withdrew all global banking operating licenses in the year 2009 and presented a new banking structure within the country. Under the new structure, banks are categorized as either commercial or merchant banks.

Before the presentation of the new structure by the CBN, FSDH, in affiliation with its ancillaries had integrated various platforms suitable to offer merchant banking services (as permitted by the regulation at the time). Then with the CBN presented structure, FSDH saw this as a huge opportunity to amplify its operations range, while still retaining focus and serving its customers better and in November 2012, the application of FSDH was finally granted and the bank was issued its Merchant Banking License.

After the issuance of the Merchant Banking License, the FSDH Merchant Bank has served as a financial service provider to a selected clientele, delivering experienced financial services within the country, thereby creating a lasting platform for building long-term wealth.

The sole mission of FSDH is to build profitable partnerships with its clients to provide unprecedented money-related solutions and create optimum value for its shareholders.

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The FSDH Merchant Bank has built a considerable high rating characterized by efficient grubstake, good availability of liquid assets, constant profit and an experienced and qualified management system.

Ancillaries of FSDH Holding Company include the FSDH Merchant Bank, FSDH Asset Management, FSDH Capital Limited and Pal Pensions Limited.

FSDH Merchant Bank has proven overtime that its employees are its most important assets. The staff at FSDH must have the premium elements of dedication, alliance, and involvement in order to deliver true profit, and create lasting wealth, for its diverse stakeholders. Its team remains paramount to the successful accomplishment of the FSDH culture.

FSDH has sought to attract, hire and retain the best talents with the ever increasing competition all over the world, this is crucial and as such, great emphasis is placed on the development of the workers, through its human resources agenda.

This human resource agenda involves a platform where all members of staff are encouraged to be at their best personalities always, in line with its various principles such as passion, leadership, courage, openness, etc, which serve to be the core principles on which the FSDH culture was created.

To further ensure that these principles are fully imbibed, several procedures are followed, which include identifying staffs who have continually showcased these values and celebrating them as role models for others to emulate.

Every year, since the year 1999, FSDH has recognized and awarded its “FSDH Person of the year” in both Junior and Senior Categories.

I am sure at this point, you are fully aware of all the FSDH Merchant Bank has to offer. Click here if you missed our previous post on the Standard Chartered Bank. Go here for further info about the FSDH Merchant Bank.

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