Fidelity Online Banking

The Fidelity Online Banking features presents to its users a unique world of possibilities to meet their personal and business- oriented goals. Do you bank with Fidelity, if not, why not?

Welcome to another session on the blog. Today’s topic is centered on the Fidelity Bank’s Online Features and all it has to offer to its users. If you missed our post on the best banks in Nigeria, please see here.

The Fidelity Online Banking feature offers its customers a variety of digital options that can be accessed from the comfort of their home. These options include:

  • Airtime purchase
  • Bills payment
  • Manage limits of transactions
  • Purchase airline tickets
  • Make bulk payments to up to 1000 beneficiaries at once (well, that’s hooge!)
  • Enjoy maximum security due to its enhanced multi-level transactions authorization.
  • Self-transfer without the need for token response
  • Foreign currency funds transfer
  • Account management
  • Statement of account downloadable in a variety of formats
  • Funds transfer to same bank and other bank accounts
  • Saving beneficiaries.

As a new customer, there are a variety of options available to get you started on this online banking app. You can:

  • Enroll all by yourself, customize your username, add a profile picture and set a 4 digit transaction authorization pin.
  • Get to set up diverse user roles as a corporate customer; these roles include: Initiator and Authorizer roles, furthermore, you are able to design series of authorization levels that can be used for financial transactions. Each of the users will require a hard token; also you can allocate specific transaction limit to each of the users.
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With the Fidelity Online Banking Features, you can bank anywhere, at anytime 24/7 and this is free. You can also easily access your Fidelity bank loan and deposit accounts and link your account from other financial service platforms.

There are a host of tools on Fidelity Online Banking build to improve your transactions life, which include funds transfers, multiple payment options, to mention but a few.

To get started, you simply need to download the Fidelity mobile app and you’re well on your way to accessing its numerous features itemized above, as well as its advanced financial budgeting tools.

To find out more about the Fidelity Online Banking features, see here.

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