Fidelity Online Banking

Fidelity Bank’s online payment service helps  merchants accept online payments from customers on their websites using Bank account or any card type, both international and locals local or pay through social media via pay by link. They accept payments online 24/7 regardless of your location.

Other Benefits of Fidelity Online Banking:

•View Accounts Summary

•Manage Transaction Limits
•Accounts Management saving both time and energy

•Bulk Payments to Up to 1000 Beneficiaries at A Go! Ideal for Salary and Vendor payments
•Robust Bills Payment (e.g. DSTV, PHCN, Airpeace, Quickteller Merchants, Remita Billers, e.t.c.)
•Funds Transfer to Fidelity, and other Bank Accounts
•Set Up Multiple Authorization Levels (Workflow) on Fidelity Corporate Online Banking

•Airtime Purchase
•Foreign Currency Funds Transfer
•Accounts Statement Download in a Variety of Formats

•Save Beneficiaries
•Self-Transfer Without Token Response
•Upload Your Very Own Profile Display Picture, and so much more!

•Individual customers can self-enroll, customize username, upload profile picture. Customers can create 4- digit Transaction PIN.

What Can Fidelity Online Banking Do For You?

•Buy Airtime

•Purchase airline tickets
•Manage Transaction Limits
•Pay bills
•Make payments easier and faster

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