Easybuy Loan App Review 

Easybuy Loan App Review

The Easybuy loan app is a mobile application that provides Nigerians with fast loans. The software is simple to use, and loans are issued within minutes of an application being submitted. This article is about the Easybuy Loan App Review to see if it is a fraud or not. 

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This guide will walk you through the entire process of using Easybuy to buy a device on credit. In other words, how to #BuyNowPayLater. 

The Easybuy Methodology 

Identify an Easybuy Agent. 

Easybuy has a concept in which ground agents assist in signing customers up for the platform. These agents can be found in a variety of stores that sell mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. A shirt with the Easybuy logo and brand colors on it distinguishes their agents. You should start by locating one of these agents. 

ii. Select Your Favorite Phone or Device 

After you’ve found an Easybuy agent, you may choose the phone or device you want to buy. Easybuy allows you to buy a wide selection of devices, as long as the store (where you meet the agent) has them. So, at this point, feel free to look into your possibilities. 

iii. Create an account with the Easybuy Agent 

You should register with the Easybuy agent after determining what kind of phone or device you want to finance. Name, phone number, address, firm name, income information, BVN, valid means of identification, debit card information (to enable auto-debit when monthly paybacks are due) and other details and papers will be required. 

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The amount of the initial deposit and the length of the loan are normally decided at this point. In addition, you must pay a deposit of at least 30% of the phone or device’s cost. It’s also worth noting that EasyBuy offers three different loan terms: three months, six months, and twelve months. 

You will be required to give at least four (4) people whose words Easybuy would accept as collateral in the future. These folks (family, friends, and coworkers) must be assured that you are who you say you are over the phone. 

iv. Pay the Amount of Your Initial Deposit 

After you’ve registered, you’ll need to pay your initial deposit. This payment is performed in conjunction with the Easybuy agent at the store where the purchase is made. As previously indicated, the initial deposit must be at least 30% of the mobile phone or device’s price. The platform completes your payment to the store behind the scenes, so loan payback is completed to them as well (Easybuy). 

v. Open the Easybuy Mobile App and log in. 

You can now download and connect to the Easybuy mobile app for customers after paying your deposit. You must put up your loan repayment instrument/mode after logging in. This includes connecting a credit card so that the platform can debit your account immediately when a payment is due. You can also choose to repay your device loan ahead of schedule. 


Many individuals have inquired as to whether the Easybuy app is authentic or a scam, which is the subject of this article. 

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Easybuy is a legitimate and trustworthy software that lends money to consumers. To acquire a loan, all you have to do is download the app, register with it by filling out the required information, and then apply for a loan of at least 2000 naira. 


The Easybuy loan app is quite safe and legitimate; as long as you meet all of the requirements for a loan, you will be approved for one. When applying for a loan, make sure you provide accurate information. 


The Easybuy loan application is not a rip-off. To avoid any difficulties in obtaining or repaying a loan, you must follow the app’s instructions. 

If you observe any unauthorized debits when using Easybuy, notify your bank right once so that it can be investigated. 

Easybuy Loan App Review: Conclusion 

The Easybuy loan app is legitimate and secure. If you encounter any fraudulent activity while using the app, immediately notify your bank so that it can be investigated, or contact Easybuy customer care.

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