Development Bank of Nigeria

Development Bank of Nigeria

Hello and welcome to another session on the blog. Ever wondered what the function and objective of the Development Bank of Nigeria is? Well, wonder no more, as this article seeks to enlighten you on the sole mission of the Development Bank of Nigeria and the varying career opportunities therein. Please, read on!

The Development Bank of Nigeria, popularly referred to as DBN, was initiated by the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN), in September 2014, in alliance with intercontinental development collaborators to tackle the paramount financial issues that Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) encounter in Nigeria.

The major aim for setting up this body was to reduce the pecuniary restrictions encountered by most MSMEs and small corporate bodies, through the allocation of monetary and limited credit contracts to qualified financial arbitrators on a market-compliant and completely economic feasible basis.

The mission of the Development Bank of Nigeria completely supports the development of varied and incorporating growth, and they strive to continually advance in alleviating peculiar financial limitations that tend to obstruct the increase in home-based production and commercial economic growth by ensuring that direct extensive allocations are disbursed to fill in enterprising gaps in the MSMEs sector of the economy.

Deep research into the Nation’s economy has proven that MSMEs are jointly the largest employers, as they play a crucial role in reducing poverty, creating employment, improving economic growth, and sharing wealth creation policies. But, inasmuch as they play this tangible role, their attainability is still being jeopardized by the lack of access to peril-reduction tools, such as insurance, credit, equity and savings.

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The role of the Development Bank of Nigeria in such cases is a catalytic funding and peril-reduction approach, as it seeks to motivate financial institutions, principally Money-Deposit and Microfinance Banks, ( See more about Microfinance Banks here, by supplementing their capacity and providing them with funding solutions, all designed to fulfill the needs of smaller clients, like the MSMEs.

Major partners of the Development Bank of Nigeria include World Bank, African Development Bank, kfW Development Bank (Germany), Agence Francaise de Developpment (AFD) and the European Investment Bank (EIB).


A variety of career opportunities exist at the Development Bank of Nigeria from Entry Level to Senior Management Level. At the Development Bank of Nigeria, you are provided with a platform to achieve your goals while influencing your community simultaneously.

The Development Bank of Nigeria seeks for competent and confident people who share their vision to take up several rewarding opportunities. So, if you’re willing to take the next step in your career and you possess the necessary skills and qualifications, try the Development Bank of Nigeria.

The Development Bank of Nigeria treats its staff as its highly treasured assets and its recruitment philosophy seek to attract, groom, and encourage highly qualified individuals to meet up with its especial goals and obstructions.

I hope you got as much information as you could on this post with reference to the DBN. Do stay connected for another informative post coming your way soon.

To find out more about DBN, see here

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