Citi Personal Wealth Management Explained  

Citi Personal Wealth Management Explained

This article explains all you need to know about Citi Personal Wealth Management.

Citi Personal Wealth Management is the financial advisory branch of Citi (a SmartAsset advertising partner). It is a subsidiary of Citigroup Inc., a publicly traded firm. The firm has thousands of financial counselors and is based in New York. 

Clients of Citi Personal Wealth Management frequently use Citigroup Global Markets Inc. Most of the firm’s clients aren’t wealthy, but it does work with them. It also services pension and profit-sharing plans, charities, governments, settlement trust funds, and companies. 

Citi Personal Wealth Management  Background 

It is a subsidiary of Citibank. Citi was formed in 1812, while Citi Personal Wealth Management is merely a 1964 startup. 

Citi is ranked 33rd on the 2021 Fortune 500 and employs millions worldwide. Citi is involved in various aspects of finance, including investment. 

Types of Clients and Minimum Account Sizes for Citi Personal Wealth Management 

Citi Personal Wealth Management provides financial advice to individuals and multi-family offices. Financial planning services are only available to existing Citigroup Global Markets clients. Because the firm is part of a huge worldwide financial services corporation, it will fit clients who want access to greater resources. 

Citi also serves a broad spectrum of institutional clients. Its clients include corporations, foundations, charities, and other corporate and government groups. 

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Account minimums differ by Citi service. It doesn’t set a minimum for its financial planning services, although it says most of its clients have at least $200,000 in net worth. 

Account minimums for investment advice services vary by investment program: 

• Multi-Asset Class Solutions Program: $100,000 to $25,000,000 * Advisory Portfolios Program: $1,000,000 – $25,000,000 * Citi Portfolio Manager Program: $25,000 * Model Allocation Portfolios Program: $25,000 * Dynamic Allocation Portfolios Program: $25,000 ($100,000) 

Citi Personal Wealth Management Services 

Citi Personal Wealth Management provides numerous services. 

* Financial planning tools 

* Financial education center 

* Investment advice services, including multi-asset class programs 

Philosophy of Citi Personal Wealth Management 

Citi Personal Wealth Management’s financial advice services aim to provide a comprehensive financial profile for each customer. There are also long-term plans like paying for education and saving for retirement that are included in this profile. It also considers estate planning and insurance. 

Clients that get a financial plan can use Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. as a broker-dealer to execute the plan. Investing techniques vary depending on market locations, time spans, and risk tolerance. 

Citi Personal Wealth Management Fees 

Financial planning services are free for clients of Citigroup Global Markets Inc. Citi is also not paid by other parties to prepare financial strategies. Financial advisors are paid through salary, incentive compensation, and sometimes a bonus. 

Investing with Citi Personal Wealth Management has a range of fees depending on the account chosen. 

Watch Out For 

Citigroup Global Markets Inc., Citi Personal Wealth Management’s parent business, has made several disclosures in the last decade. The firm has disclosed to the SEC the following: 

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• Violating SEC or CFTC regulations or statutes 

• Having an SEC or CFTC order entered against you for an investment-related activity 

• Having a civil money penalty.

Citi Personal Wealth Management Account Opening

Citi has branches nationwide. You can use Citi’s website to locate a branch with financial advisors and then call to schedule an appointment. 

Citi Personal Wealth Management: Conclusion 

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