Citi Diamond Preferred Card Reviews

Citi Diamond Preferred Card

This article explains all you need to know about Citi Diamond Preferred Card.

The use of a credit card for significant purchases is handy, but not always. 

Using a 0% APR credit card can help prevent the extra charges. Balancing a card with a lower rate can also save money. 

It is one of the best starting offers for debt consolidation. 

It also has features to make your life easier. 

Also, no annual fee. See our entire review to learn more about this card. 

21 months 0% APR on major purchases 

Paying only the minimums on debit cards can easily generate debt. Meanwhile, interest costs might mount up, increasing the cost of prior purchases. 

That’s why it’s useful. 

A promotional period of 21 months is generous. It depends on the card. 

A significant purchase or recurring balance can be paid off in roughly two years. 

Still undecided about the Citi Diamond Preferred Card? Say you want to spend $10,000 on new kitchen equipment. You plan to pay it off with a 13.24 percent APR credit card and $500 monthly. 

Paying it off would take 23 months and $1,361 in interest. You could pay it off in 20 months with a Citi Diamond Preferred Card. 

This money could go towards a retirement fund or debt repayment. 


Having all the information helps when applying for a 0% APR card. 

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After the promotion ends, the usual variable APR applies. The charge varies based on your credit score. 

A balance transfer is not free. This card charges either $5 or 5% of the transfer amount. 

Also, it increases your debt. 

A $10,000 transfer is $300. 

In the event that you pay it off before the 18 months are over, you won’t have to pay interest. 

Paying late may also lose the introductory APR. This APR is much higher than the purchase or transfer APR. 

This rate can be set in stone, costing you a fortune. 

Card Benefits: VIP Service 

This is a nice card for extras. 

Travel, entertainment, shopping, and more are included! We’ve broken down what you get as a member. 

Only Entertaining 

Citi Private Pass is for the party animals. Thousands of events, including sports and concerts, have pre-sale tickets. 

Members can get complimentary movie screenings and exclusive dining events. 


This card isn’t designed for travel, yet it comes with great travel benefits. 

There’s also global travel accident and rental car insurance. Also available for travel and emergency. 

Travel insurance and EMV chip technology may help you plan your next vacation. 

Security Guards Purchase 

When you shop using your card, you get longer warranty protection and other perks. 

Damage and theft insurance pays for repairing or replacing lost or stolen property. 

With Citi’s $0 liability guarantee, you’re not responsible for unlawful transactions. 

Extra Card 

Other benefits of the Citi Diamond Preferred Card * 24/7 client service * Citi Identity Theft Solutions 

* Custom due date * Apple Pay integration * 24/7 personal concierge 

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vs. Citi Diamond Preferred 

Citi isn’t just a bank. Each category of spender has a Citi card. 

So you can choose the best card, we compared three cards. 


An introductory deal on the Citi Simplicity Card can help lower interest payments. 

The key distinction is late payment handling. 

The Citi Simplicity Card has no late fees or penalties. This card may help you remember due dates. 

Citi Reward Plus 

Choosing between saving money and receiving rewards. 

This card gives double points for restaurants and entertainment, and one point for everything else. No point cap, no annual fee. 

Interest-free purchases and transfers for 15 months. 

Shorter than the Citi Diamond Preferred Card, but that’s a trade-off you might be willing to make. 

CIBC Cash Back 

You may prefer cash back to points. This card pays you 1% back on purchases and payments. 

The card has no annual fee and offers unlimited cash back. 

The 0% APR for 18 months is only for balance transfers. 

Within four months of account opening, transfers qualify. Not so with. 

The Big Buy or Debt Payoff 

Its 0% APR for 21 months sets it apart. 

This card is suitable for large purchases or debt repayment. 

Our recommendation is to look into some of the other Citi cards mentioned above.

Citi Diamond Preferred Card: Conclusion 

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post on Citi Diamond Preferred Card.

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