Capital One Walmart Credit Card Explained 

Capital One Walmart Credit Card Explained

The Walmart credit Card is a great way to earn rewards when shopping at Walmart. When you shop online at Walmart, you can get up to 5% cash back. 

The Walmart Rewards Card has no annual charge and no reward cap. The card’s biggest flaw is that it only earns 1% on non-Walmart transactions. This makes it unsuitable as a primary or sole credit card.

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* 5% cash back on, including pickup and delivery 

* No cap on rewards 

* Fee: 0$ 

Unprofitable non-Walmart purchases 

* No significant upfront welcome offer 

Capital One Walmart Credit Card Explained 

The Walmart Credit Card is for frequent shoppers. It all depends on how much you shop at Walmart. 5 percent cash back on Walmart purchases (online or in-store) for the first 12 months with Walmart Pay is a unique rewards rate. 

While the Walmart Rewards Card has non-Walmart bonus categories, other credit cards offer more value. Unless you spend most of your shopping at Walmart, the Walmart Rewards Card is not a good sole card. If you already have a good rewards credit card and frequent Walmart shopping, you might want to apply for the Walmart Rewards Card. 

How to get a Walmart credit card? 

Visit Capital One’s website to apply for a Walmart credit card. Unapproved for the Walmart Rewards Card? Try the Walmart-only Walmart Rewards Card. 

What is the minimum credit score for Walmart? 

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The Walmart Rewards Card requires applicants to have Excellent/Good credit. That means a credit score of or greater. It’s conceivable you’ll be authorized for the Walmart Rewards Card, which can only be used at Walmart. 

Can you get a Walmart card? 

Yes, you can check your eligibility by filling out the form on Capital One’s website. If you don’t qualify for the Walmart Rewards Card, Capital One will evaluate you for the Capital One Card. 

Use your Walmart Visa Card anywhere! 

The Walmart Rewards Card is a Mastercard that can be used worldwide. The Walmart Rewards Card is a credit card only valid at Walmart. 

Who issues the Walmart credit card? 

Capital One Bank issues the Walmart Reward Card. 

Can I get a Walmart credit card? 

The Walmart Rewards Card, like most credit cards, charges interest. Your APR varies depending on your credit profile. There are no current special offers. 

Is there a Walmart credit card app? 

This app can store your Walmart Rewards Card. This is a terrific method to use Walmart Pay while shopping. Using your Walmart Rewards Card with Walmart Pay for the first 12 months earns you 5% cash back at Walmart stores and online. 

Will my Walmart card work online? 

Your Walmart Rewards Card works online. It’s a Mastercard that works online and everywhere else. The Walmart Rewards Card is only valid in Walmart stores and cannot be used online. 

Capital One Walmart Credit Card Explained: Conclusion

This Walmart credit card looks to be aimed at Target’s Red card, which offers an unlimited 5% discount on Target purchases. In-store purchases are eligible for Capital One Walmart Rewards for the first year, and only if you use Walmart Pay, the retailer’s payment app. The card’s rewards are also points. Overall, the card offers more benefits than Target’s quick 5% discount at the register.

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