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BOK Financial Corporation

This article explains all you need to know about BOK Financial Corporation.

BOK Financial Corporation: History 

When four oilmen bought the faltering Farmers National Bank’s assets in 1910, Exchange National Bank was born. A famous investor, Harry F. Sinclair, became president. Exchange National Bank built its Tulsa offices at Third and Boston Avenues in 1917. The bank added a 28-story tower in 1928. 320 South Boston was Tulsa’s tallest building until 1967. Tulsa oilmen such as William G. Skelly, Harry Sinclair, J.A. Chapman, and H.G. Barnard invested $6.5 million in the bank. It was important in the early 1930s oil boom. In 1933, it became the Tulsa National Bank. (NBT). In 1945, the bank sold a lot of war bonds. In 1975, NBT became Bank of OU (BOK). The next year, employees moved into the new BOK Tower. First automated teller system in OK in 1975. In 1979, it had $1 billion in assets. With the addition of Fidelity of Oklahoma, its assets grew to $3. On the other hand, the bank lost $139 million in 1986. The FDIC helped George Kaiser buy the bank at $61 million on June 7, 1991. A bold move by BOK under Kaiser’s direction. When BOK Financial bought Bank of Arkansas in 1994 it had operations in Northwest Arkansas. Park Cities Bancshares and First Texcorp in Dallas became Bank of Texas. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the bank expanded its foothold in Texas. 

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Bank of Albuquerque was formed in 1998 from 17 New Mexico branches. 

It began operations in Denver in 2003. 

Bank of Arizona opened in Phoenix in 2005. 

In November 2008, it became the country’s largest bank to reject a capital injection from the Treasury Department. 

On August 19, 2012, the company bought wealth management firm Milestone Group. 

MBM Advisors Inc. of Houston was bought in March 2014. 

Missouri Bank and Trust, aka “mobank,” was bought by MBT Bancshares in November 2016. 

As of October 2018, CoBiz Financial was renamed BOK Financial. 

Now renamed as Bank of Oklahoma, BOK Financial is a bank holding company in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri. 


BOK Financial Corporation is based in Tulsa. The stock is traded on NASDAQ Global Select (symbol: BOKF). It owns BOKF, BOSC, Cavanal Hill Investment Management, and Milestone Group. These banks are all subsidiaries of BOKF, NA. 

BOK Financial’s staff are diverse. Employees are 61% female and 37% ethnic minorities. BOK Financial employees are slightly more likely than Democrats to be Republicans (57.0%). Employes at BOK Financial appear content. Employees stay 4.5 years on average. A BOK Financial employee makes $48,153. Branch Banking and Trust, Bokf, National Association, and MUFG Americas Holdings each pay $65,741. 

It employs 4,900 people and generates $1.9 billion in revenue. 

BOK Financial Corporation Profits 

Life insurance for employees and their dependents, travel insurance, and short-term disability insurance. 

BOK Financial Corporation Finance

BOK offers online loans. With its automated application, you may interact with a skilled mortgage banker without the hassle. There’s also refinancing and advanced medical professional loans. 

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BOK Financial Corporation Loans 

Mortgage applications for various mortgage packages are available online at BOK Financial (the website claims applying should take less than 20 minutes). Affordability can benefit homeowners who can’t acquire a loan. When you apply for a BOK Financial loan, a representative will contact you. 

BOK Financial helps you find house loans. It features many mortgage financing options for first-time buyers and vacation home buyers. Among this company’s mortgages: 

Buyers can apply online and speak with a mortgage professional about their options. 

Refinancing offers lower monthly mortgage payments and interest rates. The BOK Financial website has a refinance calculator. 

* Home equity loans: BOK Financial offers home equity loans with no closing costs. 

* Home equity line of credit: Up to 85% of your home’s worth. This option just charges interest on the amount borrowed. 

Although it appears simple, BOK Financial’s online application process lacks information. To begin, enter your ZIP code. Because BOK Financial promotes personal service, you will also be assisted by a mortgage banker. 

BOK Financial Corporation Loan Rates 

Loan amounts and market conditions affect mortgage rates. You may look up BOK Financial’s fixed rates online without calling a rep. It also has low-down-payment adjustable-rate loans. Call or visit BOK Financial to get an accurate mortgage quotation. 

BOK Financial Corporation: Conclusion 

BOK Financial offers low-rate mortgages with flexible options and individual service. It’s a great option for Oklahoma homeowners seeking more flexible mortgage financing. Because of this, it may be worth considering if you prefer personal attention to internet money.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post on BOK Financial Corporation.

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