Best Buy Credit Card Review 

Best Buy Credit Card Review

This card does not have to be used exclusively at Best Buy.

The opportunity to earn benefits for using the My Best Buy credit Card at Best Buy locations is the card’s key selling point. However, figuring out how and when you’ll get those points can be difficult. 

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Best Buy Credit Card Review

Your Best Buy credit card can be used anywhere credit cards are accepted. At these locations, you can currently receive the following number of points every $1 spent: 

* Earn 1.5 points for every $1 spent at gas stations. 

* Earn 1 point for every $1 spent at a restaurant, bar, or grocery store. 

Otherwise, you’ll get one point for every $2 spent on everything else. 

Although bonus categories may vary, the low earning rates suggest that you might be better off using other rewards or cash back credit cards. Flat-rate cash back cards, such as the Citi® Double Cash Card, provide more consistency because there are no restricted categories and reasonable earning rates on all transactions, not only at Best Buy. 

Purchases at Best Buy can be made in two ways. 

When you pay for items at Best Buy with a My Best Buy Visa® Card, you have two options. However, only one of those options allows you to earn points for your purchase. 

You may first be given the choice of conventional financing, which allows you to earn incentives (which are detailed later in this review). 

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You can also pay with promotional financing, which normally states that you will pay no interest if the entire sum is paid off within six to twelve months, depending on the dollar amount and type of transaction. 

You will not receive any incentives if you choose to use one of these special financing options. 

If you don’t pay off the sum in full before the end of the advertised pay period, you’ll have to pay delayed interest. 

To begin, it’s important to note that you can earn Best Buy rewards without having a My Best Buy credit card – simply create a free My Best Buy program account and start earning core rewards points. After you join, you can advance to several membership levels, each of which grants you different amounts of point earning potential based on your account activities. My Best Buy, My Best Buy Elite, and My Best Buy Elite Plus are the three membership tiers available. 

Spend $1,500 in a calendar year at a Best Buy store or online at, or spend $1,500 on your My Best Buy Visa® credit card to become an Elite member. By spending $3,500 in the same manner, you can achieve Elite Plus rank. 

Whether you pay with cash, debit, or another credit card, you’ll earn basic points for being a My Best Buy program member on each dollar spent at Best Buy (on qualifying items). When you make those same purchases with your My Best Buy Visa® Card, however, you’ll earn more rewards points. 


Possibility of earning a lot of reward points that may be used at Best Buy Rewards can be redeemed at any Best Buy shop, as well as on the retailer’s website. 

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*Rewards are not earned on purchases made with promotional credit offers 

*High APR can result in hefty interest payments 

*The application process is confusing and may result in you being approved for a different card 

*If you don’t pay off promotional financing purchases by the deadline, deferred interest will be applied to your account. 

For whom is this card useful? 

The My Best Buy credit card is likely to be a good addition to the wallets of just the most ardent Best Buy shoppers. You might be a great spender if you spend thousands of dollars at the store every year. 

If you’re a casual Best Buy consumer who only visits the store a few times a year and spends a few hundred dollars, you might want to avoid this card. 

Best Buy Credit Card Review: Conclusion 

the application process may result in you receiving a card you don’t desire. 

You’re actually applying for a My Best Buy Platinum account when you apply for a My Best Buy® Credit Card. If you don’t meet the requirements for this account, Citibank may consider you for a variety of other cards through the same application. 

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