Best 5 Worldwide Money Transfer Apps 

Best 5 Worldwide Money Transfer Apps

Money transfer applications, commonly known as peer-to-peer (P2P) apps, allow you to send money fast and securely. They streamline payments and enable you link your credit card or bank account to a digital wallet. With a few touches on a mobile device, you can make electronic payments. 

The top money transfer applications have good ratings, allow users send money securely, and have no hidden fees. They also meet consumer needs including foreign payments, social features, and virtual wallets. This article outlines the Best 5 Worldwide Money Transfer Apps.

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Best 5 Worldwide Money Transfer Apps


The app’s many features, speed, and convenience make it a clear winner. PayPal’s brand recognition makes it the best overall. 


* Easy to install and use 

* Fast and safe 


* High transaction costs 

* Customer service issues 

PayPal’s money transfer tools are flexible, secure, and easy to use. You can send money from your PayPal, bank, or Amex Send account for free. For a charge, you can use PayPal Instant Transfer. 

PayPal has apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. It only takes a few minutes to download and start sending money to several people. For enhanced security, you can agree to let PayPal display your name, photo, username, email, and cell phone number. 

With PayPal’s invoice generating feature, you can customize and track each invoice. 

PayPal only accepts transfers from US banks and credit unions. Some banks, including online-only and prepaid accounts, can’t access PayPal. 

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With cheap fees, best upfront exchange rates, and no hidden costs, the WorldRemit app won this category. 

WorldRemit may send money in 10 minutes. Most transactions are completed within 24 hours, wherever in the world. Your friend and you both get a coupon to use on your next transfer. Also, new clients can use the discount code 3Free for three free transfers. 

* Easy to use 

* Worldwide deposit choices 


* Limited number of countries 

* Complex transfer fees 

* Large transfer limits 

The app’s top feature is that it allows you to send money via cash pickup, bank transfer, mobile money, and airtime top-up. 

WorldRemit accepts most Visa or Mastercard debit, credit, and prepaid cards. WorldRemit also takes Klarna, Trustly, POLi, and Apple Pay. Not accepting Google Pay. 


Due to its low fees, Cash App (owned by Square Inc.) ranked the top in the low fees category. Pay or get paid using Cash App’s simplicity, convenience of use, and no fees. 

Cash App also allows you to invest, save money with “cash boosts,” and buy and sell bitcoin. 


* Multiple payment choices 

* Easy and quick Money requests from friends and family 

Cash App won because of its cheap 1.5 percent charge (minimum of $0.25) and flexibility—including the ability to buy and sell bitcoin directly from your Cash App balance. 


Venmo combines the convenience of sending and receiving money with the security of a potential “parking place” for your funds. You can use Venmo to send or receive money. For these reasons, it won the shared expense category. 

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You can even add emojis or animated stickers to your transactions to make them more interactive. 


* Money flows instantaneously 

* No need to add money to Venmo to make payments 


* Past security issues 

* Fee for instant bank withdrawals 

PayPal’s Venmo won this category because it facilitates money transfers between individuals. The software allows you to send and receive money for free, but sending money by credit card costs you 3% of the total. 


Meta Pay won for its familiar platform and ease of transferring small amounts of money. In specific countries, Meta Pay allows payments via Meta Messenger, WhatsApp, Portal, and Instagram. 


* Excellent conversation feature 

* Easy money request and transfer Change the recipient of a donation. 

Purchase protection may not be available in all payment methods. 

Meta Pay beat out other competitors because it allows you to send money or donate to charities in just a few steps: 

* Send a message. 

* Tap the money icon, then input the amount. 

Then they can tap “pay.” If they don’t have an account, Meta will guide them through the steps. 

The required OS depends on the app. Android, for example, supports Meta Messenger Version 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and higher. iOS 8 and later support the Messenger app.

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