Bealls Credit Card Florida Customer Service And Review 

Bealls Credit Card Florida Customer Service And Review

As a dry goods store in Bradenton, Florida, Bealls, Inc. began in 1915. The company now has two parts: Bealls Florida and Bealls Outlet. Robert Beall’s first store was called The Dollar Limit, and it sold everything for $1 or less. Today’s Bealls department stores keep the original spirit of thrift alive by selling cheap and cheap clothes at its 500 stores across the country. This article outlines the Bealls Credit Card Florida Customer Service And Review.

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Bealls, like other multi-faceted brands, has two different credit cards for each of its main brands. The Bealls Florida Credit Card, which earns Coast to Coast Rewards, can be used at Bealls Florida stores. The Bealls Outlet Credit Card, which is part of the One Card loyalty program, can be used in all Bealls Outlets across the country. 

Approval and Application Requirements 

Reviews say that people with fair credit have a good chance of getting the Bealls Florida Credit Card or the Bealls Outlet Credit Card, even if they have bad credit. You can apply for either card in person at the store, or you can go to the website of the brand you want to apply for and fill out an application there. 

Bealls has better cards to use. 

In general, Bealls Florida Credit Card and Bealls Outlet Credit Card have decent rewards rates. However, because the cards can only be used in Bealls stores and on Bealls websites, those rewards aren’t very useful, either. Also, the high interest rates on both cards mean that if you don’t pay off your Bealls debt quickly, you’ll pay a lot of money in interest. 

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A rewards card that can be used at any store is probably better than a card that you can only use at one store. You’ll be able to use it to buy things and earn rewards anywhere. 

It gives you money back. 

The Bealls cards are the only credit cards that will give you the same 5% reward rate on Bealls purchases as the general rewards cards. You can combine your non-cardholder Bealls points with a general rewards card to get both Bealls and general reward points. Plus, some reward cards will give you extra points for department store purchases, which will help you save even more money. 

Bealls Credit Card Florida Customer Service has the best toll-free/800 customer service phone number for people who want to talk to someone. 

This is’s best phone number, as well as the real-time wait on hold and tools for getting right to a agent. There were 1,440 customers like you who used this phone number over the last 18 months, and they gave us their feedback. This phone number is the best one for Returns, Cancel order, Change order, Track order, Complaint, and other customer service issues are some of the things the customer care unit that answers calls to 800-569-9038 deals with. Instead of trying to call right away, try to describe your problem first. We might be able to help you find the best way to get in touch with them by phone or chat. All in all, has just one phone number. The best way to get in touch with customer service isn’t always clear, so we started gathering this information based on suggestions from the customer group. Please keep telling us about your experiences so we can keep improving this free tool.

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