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Bank Of Synovus

This article explains all you need to know about Bank Of Synovus.


Synovus Bank was founded in 1888 in Columbus, Georgia. Depository receipts totaling $26 billion, making it a very significant bank. Synovus Bank does not offer live chat or all-day customer assistance. It is a traditional bank with in-person service as well as online and mobile apps. Synovus Bank has a SmartAsset rating of 3.9 stars out of 5. Synovus Bank offers savings, checking, money market, CD, IRA, mortgage, and credit card accounts. It saves at a reasonable rate compared to other accounts. If you need a regular checking account, Synovus Bank offers one without a monthly fee. Finding a bank with no-fee checking and high-interest savings accounts is the greatest way to maximize your earnings while maintaining simple access to your funds. 

About Bank Of Synovus

Seven days a week, from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Synovus offers online and mobile banking, as well as Zelle payments. Clients can add Synovus credit/debit cards to digital wallets, such as Apple Pay. 

Synovus members can use ATMs and Presto! ATMs at Publix stores for free. 

The Synovus website has personal financial calculators and essays on themes including emergency fund building and financial planning. 

Synovus, headquartered in Columbus, Georgia, provides personal, business, and corporate banking services throughout the Southeast. Each of Georgia’s 309 branches is located in one of these states: It offers loans, savings, investment, financial planning, and asset management. 

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For Whom Is Bank Of Synovus? 

Before deciding if Synovus Bank is right for you, examine its benefits and drawbacks. 

To assist you decide, below are some of the bank’s benefits and drawbacks:

Bank Of Synovus Pros

* Full-service bank with branches nationwide and a $48 billion parent business 

* Relationship Program with major bonuses 

Bank Of Synovus Cons

* Must contact bank for current interest rates 

* Inspire Checking account minimum balance to avoid monthly fees 

Not Online-Friendly: Bank Of Synovus 

Synovus Bank is geared to suit all of its clients’ banking needs. Integrated, full-service bank with broad branch network in the Southeast. However, if you prefer internet banking, Synovus is probably not for you. On the bank’s website, you can’t open a deposit account and acquire information about its accounts and rules without calling or visiting a branch. The bank’s website doesn’t list rates, which suggests they’re probably competitive. Also, many Synovus accounts have minimum balance requirements. 

Fees Synovus Bank, like many full-service banks, offers a fairly comprehensive fee schedule. Most deposit accounts charge fees, which can be avoided by maintaining a minimum balance. That’s a big ask in certain circumstances. For example, to avoid a $50 monthly fee on the Inspire Checking account, Synovus requires total deposits of $100,000. 

Synovus Bank charges a slew of expenses above regular account fees. Some instances include: 

* Withdrawal from a non-Synovus ATM: $2.50 (unless reimbursed) 

For example, a domestic wire transfer costs $18 incoming and $26 outgoing, whereas an international wire transfer costs $25 incoming and $45 exiting. 

Many of these costs can be avoided with some study. 

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Banking on the Go 

My Synovus is Synovus’ online and mobile banking service. 

* Bill pay 

* Money transfers 

* Access to balances and transactions 

* Account alerts 

The mobile software also supports mobile check deposit and Touch ID and Face ID. 

Apps for iOS and Android devices. 

Loans Synovus Bank offers a wide range of loans, including mortgages, HELOCs, personal and installment loans. 

Synovus offers fixed-rate, adjustable-rate, and jumbo mortgages. The bank also offers first-time buyer programs and an Affordable Mortgage Program with 100% financing and no mortgage insurance. 

Synovus offers 30-year Total Line of Credit HELOCs with rates as low as 4%. If you already have a deposit account, the bank may reimburse up to $500 in closing charges. 

Personal loans include installment loans, auto loans, and personal lines of credit. Personal loans range from $2,500 to $10,000 with periods up to ten years. 

Is Bank Of Synovus global? 

Synovus Bank is a regional bank solely available in the Southeast US.

How much to start a Bank Of Synovus account? 

Opening a savings, checking, or money market account requires 

$100 CDs demand at least $1,000. 

If you want to create a checking account at a local bank, Synovus is a good option. 

Online banks and credit unions may be better options if you want to earn more interest on your money.

Bank Of Synovus Conclusion 

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