All You Need To Know About Kudi 

All You Need To Know About Kudi

Kudi POS machine facilities financial transactions throughout enterprises in Nigeria, taking banking services specifically to the unbanked and underbanked in the nation. Being a Kudi POS machine agent comes with a number of benefits, all of which will be explored in this post. This article explains All You Need To Know About Kudi.

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Kudi is still one of Nigeria’s most popular digital banking service providers, with a key goal of revolutionizing the banking system. Essentially, they are a fintech organization that operates throughout Africa, providing a platform for paying bills, sending money, and running a POS as a business. The company was founded after a group of individuals saw that Nigerian citizens lacked access to fundamental banking services. However, it has now grown to include Kudi POS machine services for agents, which is another option for the regular individual to earn money. You can also learn how to become an ATM moniepoint agentFpos by reading this article. 

What services does Kudi provide? 

Kudi currently has the following goods available: 

1. Chatbot Kudi 

The Kudi Chatbot ensures that you are never alone while using the Kudi platform. Essentially, it lets you to ask general queries or particular concerns that you are experiencing while using the app. As a result, it is one of the finest solutions for POS businesses, as concerns can be simply resolved with a message. 

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2. Financial savings 

Although not a full-fledged bank, Kudi gives its users the ability to save. This focuses on sending agents to help the unbanked and underbanked Nigerians save money. Basically, these agents would drop by at your desired time to pick up your money, while an automatic SMS system maintains track of the amount you save. 

The following Kudi savings services are available: 

* The Kudi Kampe: N3,000 – N5,000 daily or N90,000 – N150,000 monthly * Kudi Oga: N6,000 and beyond daily or N180,000 monthly * Kudi No wahala: N500 – N2,000 daily or N15,000 – N60,000 monthly 

3. The Market 

The marketplace is a banking services network that equips Mobile money agents with Kudi POS terminals to help them grow their businesses. You can also take payments, issue payments, and enroll consumers on your company platform from anywhere in the world using Kudi POS. 

4. Kudi Point-of-Sale System 

Kudi accepts anyone as an applicant as long as they meet the minimum requirements. The company’s vision is to build a network of easily accessible banking services through POS agents. With its comparatively cheap fee of 0.7 percent each transaction for withdrawing as an agent, the organization has attracted a number of partners and investors. You can, however, determine the exact amount of money you wish to charge clients for withdrawals on your end. 

Kudi now has one of the most competitive rates, making it extremely profitable for Kudi POS machine agents. 

What kind of transactions are supported by Kudi POS? 

Firstly, realize that you would receive a discount every transaction as an agent on the marketplace. Additionally, as you transact more, you will gain points, which will be converted to cash. You can use the POS machine to make the following transactions with or without a card: 

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* Cash withdrawals from credit cards * TV subscriptions * Electricity bill payments * Data purchases * Airtime purchases * Selling airtime straight to the Kudi platform via a code 

What are the steps to becoming a Kudi agent? 

Kudi makes it simple to become an agent by requiring simply a working Android phone and internet connectivity to download their software. Basically, after you get them, you should do the following: 

1. Becoming an agent by merit

 * Download the Kudi app from the Google Play Store

 * Install and launch the app on your Android phone

 * Sign up with your phone number and link the app to your bank account

 * Transact using the Kudi app

 * Make sure you use it for basic bills like electricity, airtime recharge, TV subscriptions, and more

 * Kudi will contact you in roughly two weeks to let you know if you were eligible for a free POS. 

2. Becoming an agent through payment 

On the other hand, you can opt to forego utilizing the app for a while and instead purchase your own POS equipment. Get started: 

* Go to the nearest Kudi office to you * Get a form from their agent, fill it out, and submit it * Pay N20,000 to the office (nonrefundable) * They will assess your application and issue you a POS right away. 

How do I get in touch with Kudi? 

You can reach out to the fintech firm using any of the following methods: 

19b Bosun Adekoya Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria is the address for the office. 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94109 1776 Sacremento St Apt 311 Phone: 01 888 5008 Email: [email protected] 

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All You Need To Know About Kudi: Conclusion

The Kudi POS Machine is still a popular choice among agents around the country. They have modest fees, ensuring that you make a substantial profit per transaction. Additionally, the ability to convert points to cash remains a popular feature among agents.

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