All About Sears Credit Card 

All About Sears Credit Card

Sears is a completely owned subsidiary of Sears Holdings Corp. Starting in 1886 with gold watches, a train station agent named Richard Sears built an empire with a mail-order catalog that sold everything from hats to houses. This article outlines All About Sears Credit Card.

As Sears, Roebuck & Co., the corporation expanded across the country, purchasing brands including Kmart, Kenmore, Craftsman and DieHard. 

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All About Sears Credit Card

Sears has teamed with Citibank to offer a series of co-branded general-use “Shop Your Way” credit cards with rewards and benefits programs. Cards can be redeemed at Sears for points earned on ordinary expenditures like gas or food. 

Gains and Gains 

A Sears card is best for frequent large-purchase shoppers. One of the cards offers 5% off big-ticket purchases or no-interest financing. 

Most card perks need annual expenditure of at least $299 per category. A customer who does not often make major purchases at Sears may not profit from a Sears card. 

Consider the Sears Home Improvement Account card when considering a big home makeover or upgrade. With the Sears Home Improvement Account, you may pay for your remodels over time without incurring interest. 

Where Can I Use It? 

The Sears credit card is accepted at Sears, Kmart, and Land’s End (a Sears spinoff). 

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The Sears MasterCard is accepted worldwide. 

Who Should Apply for a Sears Card? 

A shadow of its former grandeur, Sears has a long history of producing high-quality appliances and lawn and garden equipment. may not be the first place most people think of when looking for a significant house purchase, but it is worth comparing prices with other companies. 

It sells appliances from Frigidaire, GE, LG, and its own Kenmore brand. Its tool department has Dewalt, Black&Decker, and Craftsman, which it used to own. In addition to other major brands, it still sells DieHard batteries. 

The basic store card may be useful if you live near one of the few remaining Sears stores. It has an online store locator. 

How Does a Sears Credit Card Work? 

Sears credit cards or “Shop Your Way” Sears MasterCards are best for those looking to buy big-ticket items like appliances or tires. The offer of 5% discount or no-interest financing is advantageous for substantial home improvements. 

Sears sells appliances, tools, and lawn and garden supplies. It also sells shoes, toys, and jewelry, but it’s hard to see how Sears beats against or Walmart in those categories. 

The card’s true benefits kick in for big-ticket purchases or individuals who spend $300 or more each year in a department. 

Is a Sears Credit Card Hard to Get? 

Applicants for a Sears Credit Card or a Sears MasterCard should have little trouble getting credit as long as their credit scores are “fair,” or around 640. 

Young people starting out may find it useful to obtain some essential necessities for their first home. Pay it off quickly. That way, you avoid excessive loan charges and build credit over time. 

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What is the Sears Credit Card? 

Sears and Citibank jointly issue a MasterCard that offers incentives for Sears purchases. Because Citibank administers the card, your bill will come from Citibank. 

American merchants now offer this form of co-branded card. 

The Verdict 

Sears is sometimes referred to as a “zombie retailer” by business journalists and financial analysts. Sears, once a juggernaut of American retail, has dwindled to a few elderly storefronts and has sold off some of its own brands, such DieHard batteries and Kenmore appliances. 

Those brands, along with many more, are still available on the Sears website. Those seeking new appliances or other major home improvements should compare Sears’ prices and financing choices with those of its competitors.

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