All About Opay Debit Card 

Opay Debit Card

Have you heard of the Opay Debit Card before? I’ll tell you all you need to know about the Opay Debit Card in this article. 

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What Is Opay and How Does It Work? 

Opay is a web-based money transfer service in Nigeria that is operated by the Opera software company, which also owns the Opera mini and internet browser. 

Opay Debit Card

The Opay Debit Card, which was introduced by Opay in July 2021, allows you to make quick and easy payments both online and offline, earn money, and save money. 

You may use Opay physical debit cards to pay for goods, services, and foreign subscriptions while also earning cashback and other rewards from your OPay wallet. 

Opay Debit Card, released by Opay in 2021, allows you to make quick and easy payments both online and offline, earn money, and save money. 

With the Opay Debit Card, you may withdraw money from Zenith Bank for a low cost or for free, and you can earn rewards on your withdrawals and free transfers. 

Opay Debit Card, which was launched in July 2021, allows you to make quick and easy payments both online and offline, earn money, and save money. 

With the Opay Debit Card, you may withdraw cash for little or no cost, earn cashback on your withdrawals, make free transfers, and a whole lot more. 

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The Opay Debit Card functions similarly to a standard debit card, allowing you to conduct transactions at any ATM in your area. 

Unlike most debit cards, the Opay Debit Card allows you to earn hundreds of dollars in rewards each year as long as you continue to use the card. 

Opay debit card options 

1. Make purchases using POS, WEB, and ATMs in Nigeria and other supported countries. 

2. Naira denominations are available. 

3. Acceptable in all parts of Nigeria 

4. There is no legal liability for misplaced cards. 

5. Reporting that has been misplaced or stolen 

6. Owealth curiosity is greater than 15%. 

7. Annual cashback 

8. There is no charge for maintenance. 

9. Unrestricted switch (90 instances month-to-month) 

Where Can I Get An Opay Debit Card? 

Please follow these instructions to obtain an Opay debit visa card: 

You must first create an Opay account if you do not already have one. You can do so by downloading the Opay app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. 

After you’ve created an Opay account, follow these steps to acquire your Opay debit card. 

1. Open the Opay app and log in. 

2. Select ME from the menu. 

3. Select REQUEST FOR OPAY DEBIT CARD from the drop-down menu. 

4. In the referral column, you can simply leave it blank and double-check. 

5. Decide on a PICK-UP LOCATION. 

6. Fill in the important details as needed. 

7. Pay a fee of 600 naira to cover the ATM card fee. 

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8. You can leave the referral column blank if you want to be sure. 

Making Use Of The OPay Debit Card 

You may use your new Opay Debit Card to make transactions at any ATM near you, just like any other bank card. 

However, unlike your bank cards, the OPay ATM card allows you to earn thousands of dollars in rewards each year. As long as you keep using your card to make purchases, you’ll continue to earn huge cashback. 

Charges & Benefits for OPay ATM Debit Visa Card 

We’ve also contacted OPay multiple times, asking for a breakdown of their card costs, but have yet to receive a response. 

How to Open an OPay Wallet Account for Free 

Complete the OPay new account registration process by following these steps if you wish to become an Opay Accredited agent in your location or state. 

You can open an Opay wallet account in one of two ways: through the OPay mobile app or through the official Opay website. 

Regardless of the channel through which you create an OPay account, the registration requirements remain the same. 

Create an OPay account. is a website that allows you to pay online. 

1. Go to, the official OPay website. 

2. Create Account from the menu. 

3. Complete form and submit. 

4. You’ll be asked to confirm your registration. You could double-check using your phone number and/or email address. Once that’s done, you’ve completed the registration procedure. 

Create an OPay account. Using a Mobile Application

To get started, download the mobile app from your app store and then click Create Account. The procedures and requirements are the same.


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